Jing Jizhong Meets with Ina Enting



On January 11, 2013, Jing Jizhong, Vice Secretary-general of China Swine Industry Association, met with Ina Enting, Director of Dutch Meat & Feed Centre at the Meeting Hall of CAAA. Both sides exchanged in-depth views on the upcoming Global Pig Forum this May.

Jing first expressed his gratitude to the Dutch side for their help during the European Tour, and also their consideration to send a flower during Mr. Jing's birthday.

Jing went on to ask Ms. Ina for help to invite some Dutch experts to give speeches during the global pig forum. With new opportunities and challenges from inside and outside, Chinese pig breeders are thirsty for experience and technologies more than ever.

After consultation and deliberation, the two sides has nailed down to three topics, namely, energy-saving pig farm by efficiently making using of electricity and heat, combination of traditional farm and pig farm to achieve balance in answering land shortage and environment pressure, and new progress made in the Blue Ear Disease in Netherlands.

Answering Mr. Jing's requirement, Ms. Ina Enting pledged to support CAAA's efforts to introduce new ideas and technology to China pig industry. She also introduced several programs that they are now working with MOA and Dutch Embassy.

Gong Guifen, Vice Secretary-general attended the meeting.

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