The Fifth Global Pig Forum



At present, China's pig breeding industry is entering into a new stage after a long period of adjustment. In 2016, due to the rational pork prices return, the hog price rose in retaliation. The pig price stayed high in 2016, and the pig breeding company got good returns. In the process of capacity adjustment, small and medium enterprises continue to exit, and large and medium-sized enterprises are getting momentum. With the increasing pressure on environmental protection, industrial layout enters into a substantial adjustment stage. A new pig pattern is in a drastic change. Transformation and upgrading in pig industry has achieved remarkable results, with production efficiency greatly improved. From the perspective of environment, environmental protection put greater pressure on large pig enterprises. The resource carrying capacity does not match the growth rate of large-scale farming enterprises, leading to a slowing growth of big pig farm. On the other hand, Pressure from foreign pork import continues to increase.

To effectively tackle these problems, change unfavorable conditions into favorable ones, transfer difficulties into opportunities, make full use of pig layout adjustment and environmental demolition, achieve industry upgrades and green development, and better promote sustainable development of China's pig industry, China Animal Husbandry Association, in collaboration with the National Pig Industry Technical System and other units, schedule to hold the Fifth Global Pig Forum from May 16-17, 2017 in Qingdao, Shandong Province. The Conference gains great support from government agencies and industry associations from Europe and US. There will be some representatives from Europe, United States and other foreign countries and regions. Issues facing the industry will be fully discussed and analyzed, and give new thoughts for the healthy development of the industry. Related pig people are welcomed to join the conference.

I. Time:
May 16-17, 2017 (Registration on May 15)

II. Address
Grand Mercure Qingdao Nanshan Resort No.46 Wenquaner Rd, Binhai Rd, Wenquan Town, Jimo, Qingdao, China

III. Theme
Regional Layout, Structural Adjustment, Industrial Upgrading, Green Development

IV. Content
A. Forum
1. Industry policies, situation analysis, and development trend of pig industry
2. Environmental protection model and waste utilization
3. Scientific management and industrial upgrading
4. Equipment and facilities construction, and modern feeding technology
5. Animal welfare and sightseeing
6. Pork safety management and measures
B. Interaction
C. Banquet

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