Big Bang - the Sixth (2013) China Layer Industry Development Conference



With the rapid development of the husbandry industry, layer industry undergoes continuous economic restructuring and optimization as well as increasing competing capability. At present, Chinese layer industry has already been in the lead in the world poultry arena, with egg production ranking first for 30 consecutive years. After 30 years' of leapfrog development, Chinese layer industry alters greatly in farming mode, farming idea and operation conception, and gradually becomes one of the advantageous sectors in the husbandry industry. However, along with the development of marketing economy and the diversified enterprises operation ideas, the layer industry confronts many new challenges, such as shortage of raw materials, hike in cost, lack of labor force, fluctuation of egg prices, and harsher requirement on birds health, environmental protection, egg safety during the breeding and processing sector. All of these challenges add to the difficulty of the industry management, increase the comprehensive cost while lower companies' capabilities to avert risks. On the other hand, intricate and complicated domestic and foreign economy situation, persistent low-speed macroeconomic growth and current economic slump will all bring negative impact on the layer industry in 2013. Facing these challenges, how to improve the efficiency of layer industry, how to promote development in medium scale, how to keep a healthy and sustainable development of the layer industry are the issues torturing the industry and waiting to be solved.

The 18th National Congress of the CPC establishes the magnificent goal of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects; China's Central Economic Work Conference set the tone for economic policymaking ?? designating that the fundamentals of China's economic and social situation is getting better and the economic work will continue to make progress while ensuring stability. At the call of the central government, Chinese layer industry will, in accordance to the real situation and characteristic of the industry, follow the guidance of the Scientific Development Outlook to promote technological advancement in egg production and processing, foster credit construction in enterprises centering on safe and quality egg products, strengthen egg products brand construction, and popularize moderate-scaled and standardized farming model. To fully explore the various factors affecting the industry and achieve consensus, implement the ideas of the 18 th National Congress of the CPC and the First Policy Document of 2012 from the Central Government, convey updated industry policies and market information, grasp industry development trend, build a platform where layer industry companies can exchange ideas, cooperate and communicate and pursue common development, find a new path catering to the real industry situation, China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the Sixth (2013) China Layer Industry Development Conference in Wuhan, Hubei from May 16-17, 2013. The theme of the conference is Scale, Efficiency, Environmental Protection, and Safe. In spirit of the Twelfth Five-year Plan, the conference aims to analyze the new situation and challenges facing the industry by reviewing the experience and contradiction in Chinese layer industry over the past 10 years, and explore together the strategies and solution to the layer industry. Meanwhile, the conference will invite famous entrepreneurs, industry scholars, experts, and technicians in the front, to offer ideas from different angles and aspects to the participants by discussing topics such as macroscopic policies, regulations and laws, concrete solutions, operating management and practical experience. All layer industry stakeholders are welcomed to join the conference.

Theme: Scale, Efficiency, Environmental Protection, Safe


Focus policy guidance, Keep moderate sustained growth;

Improve environment awareness, Emphasize products quality;

Underline comprehensive efficiency, Achieve layer win-win in the future;

Time: May 16-17, 2013 (Registration on May. 15)

Zhongnan Garden Hotel ( 558 Wuluo Road , Wuchang District, Wuhan City , Hubei Province)



•  Theme Forum and Interaction

This conference will invite government officials, industry authoritative experts, scholars, famous entrepreneurs to attend the meeting, to share with the participants state policies, scientific research achievements, and practical experience. To meet the requirement of offering more exchange opportunities, interactive activities are designed on purpose.

1. The Current Situation and trend of layer industry

•  Review the development and policy of layer industry; New ideas on the trend of layer development

•  2012 National Layer Industry Development Annual Report

•  2011 and 2012 Chinese Corn and Soybean Trade and future trends

•  Interpretation of National Medium- and Long-Term Animal Disease and Prevention Regulation (2012-2020)

•  How to improve efficiency in layer production companies

•  Challenges and solutions to the Chinese layer industry in the new situation

•  Major diseases plaguing current layer production and their solutions

•  The current situation of layer products processing and their future development

•  New results in the nutrition research of layer feed and promotion


2. Solving the concrete problems in layer industry and sharing the experience

•  Experience in the design of Breeder Cage and efficiency analysis

•  New interpretation of scale development and standardized operation (153 Model: one barn accommodating more than 5000 layers and equipped with 3 facilities: air curtain, feeding equipment and dropping cleaner)

•  Experience in layer nutrition control (color of the shell, watery feces)

•  Understanding of Avian influenza

•  Experience of using layer related equipment and efficiency analysis (Hatchery; Infrared beak trimming; Battery cage)

The second part of report (Solving the concrete problems in layer industry and sharing the experience) is open to the industry. If you have some valued experience that you want to share with the participants, please do not hesitate to share. You may send the PPT to the organizing committee before the deadline - April 1, 2013. E-mail: quibaoqin@caaa.cn

•  Visit and Inspection

•  Participants are entitled to visit some representative Hubei Layer companies.





May. 15


May. 16-17

Opening Ceremony, Theme Forum, Interactive Activities, Inspection and Visit

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Organizing Committee:

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association

Host: China Poultry Industry Association, CAAA

National System for Layer Production Technology

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