Friends Gather at River City Enjoying CAHE Season (2)



Comparatively, this expo has several distinctive characteristics:

1. Exhibition to expo

In 2013, to further improve the comprehensive service-rendering ability, CAHE upgraded its exhibition to expo after several years' successful organizing experience. In Chinese character, it is only a word change. But, the mere change, with its big benefit, accords with the trend of the industry in its integrative development. The change also displays the powerful influence and enriched content of the expo, which wins wide acknowledgement and active participation of the husbandry industry from home and abroad.

2. Scale increasing, content enriching

This expo, carrying on the past and opening a way for future, make bold innovation. About 4372 stands (1449 more than previous year) installed, with specially decorated booths accounting for 75%. The total floor space of the expo in and outside the Pavilion reaches to 100,000 ?O .

This expo has also fixed the content of the expo once again, namely, One Week, Three Expos, Ten Days, Hundreds of Forums. Besides, some enterprises carnivals are held at the same time at the Central Park of the Expo Center .

One Week designates the series of conferences, forums, workshops centering on the expo from May 15 to 21, 2013. About a hundred activities presented to the participants, including The Third Session of the Third Standing Council, The Third Global Pig Forum and the Eleventh China Swine Industry Development Conference, The Sixth China Layer Industry Development Conference, The fourth International Cooperation Conference on Biogas Industrialization in China , to name just a few.

Three Expos consists of China Animal Husbandry Expo, The Third China Brand and Quality Husbandry Products Expo and The Fourth China BioEnergy Expo.

Ten Days means Pig Day, Poultry Day, Husbandry Day other several Days.

Enterprise carnival is an innovation of this expo, where enterprises can shake off the space restriction from the booth and the workshop hall. They can display and promote products by setting up carnivals to let the audiences to experience the corporate culture, concept, products and technologies through interaction. If we compare the traditional booth to the scenery of the park waiting for the audience to visit, the carnival is full of rich and fascinating participation experience. Still expo upgraded to dynamic and interesting interactive promotion, the results of the expo will definitely be better.


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