Friends Gather at River City Enjoying CAHE Season (3)



3. Paying close attention to the development of the industry, official leaders take a lead in eating chicken to promote poultry consumption

Since the first human case of H7N9 reported in April, panic swept through the consumers, leaving the industry in great loss. To lift the misunderstanding of the consumers, CAAA has tried several means to promote the healthy development of the industry. The organizing committee held the Launching Ceremony of the Healthy Consumption Chinese Poultry Products in this regard. After the launching ceremony, safe and delicious cooked chicken food was served by ceremony maid at the hall, where guests had a very wonderfully tasty experience. Afterwards, guests present signed on the board Initiative to reshape consuming confidence in poultry products one by one to advocate their confidence in boosting flagging spirit for the chicken industry.

Li Xirong, Dean of National Animal Husbandry Service and Secretary-general of China Feed Industry Association, presided the launching ceremony. He expressed his hope that ordinary consumers can have a right understanding on chicken products through this ceremony. He also noted that H7N9 has no connection with eating poultry products. It is highly time for the industry to resume its ordinary consumption.

Meanwhile, during the expo, some poultry companies also set up some tasting stands in their booth, like Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group, Guangdong Wens Food Group Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Saifeiya Co., Ltd., to attract audiences to have a taste.

4. Keeping with the time, build the interactive bridge by two-dimensional barcode

Walking around the pavilion, two-dimensional barcodes are easily to be seen everywhere. Some of the audience will stop to take a picture. After last year's utilization of electronic devices in booking booth and registering, this expo introduced mobile app, which can run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. 3G telecommunication networks support services and two-dimensional barcodes are, thus, available through these application distribution platforms. All the support services help to improve the add value and the comprehensive effect of the expo, and better the participants experience to realize the significance of the expo.

With the 2D code, audience registered online can easily get a special pass for the 2013 CAHE, take photos, post opinions, share views, comment on other's microposts, find and talk with interested exhibitors. Exhibitors can also carry on exchange and interaction with audiences by updating its information by performing background processing.

 Due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity, data can be easily extracted, message instantly sent and discussion carried on at any time or any places by downloading the CAHE Plug-in using the 2D barcode interpretation APP on the Android operating system or IOS operating system developed by Apple Inc.


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