Friends Gather at River City Enjoying CAHE Season (4)



5. Online platform to build long-sustained interactive mechanism

To keep up with the trend of e-commerce, this expo launched online booth service. All the exhibitors can log in using the assigned username and password to display the company and products information on the website. All the audiences have access to the website. They can easily retrieve and find their interested products and exhibitors, and communicate with the exhibitors after registration, which makes trade-making online become true.

6. Upgrade services and pay attention to details to let participants fell at home

During the exhibition, to let the audience to have a good experience, the organizing committee prepares plenty of food at the takeout dinning hall. Meanwhile, in the recreation hall, the organizing committee has also invited Maitian Coffee Bar, lavazza coffee, McDonald's Plaza, Yashan Chinese Food to serve food to the participants. Some of the catering company had also provided ordering service.

There are also many shuttles between Hall A and Hall B, bringing great conveniences to tiring audiences and exhibitors against the hot summer weather.

Instant message delivered to the participants helps to guarantee communication between exhibitors and audiences.

Shopping mall, Convenience Store, ATM and other supplementary devices such as typing, photocopying, screening, sending and receiving fax, DDD Phone Calls, internet-surfing, E-mail, daily necessities, office stationery, food, devices normally used for expo, kiosk, safety deposit and others are available at the spot.

Our attention to environment is as great as ever. We have stringent requirement on speakers, hygiene and security. Comfortable environment, serve with zeal and quality food guarantee the business making, interaction and communication for the exhibitors.

Our thanks also goes to:

This expo owns its success to the support and help from official leaders, husbandry companies, and personage who showed great concern to the industry. We would like to express our appreciation to Ministry of Commerce, Animal Husbandry Department of MOA and Veterinary Bureau of MOA who gave us great support. We would also like to pay tribute to DBN Group and Henan Huaying Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. who sponsor the expo and other 40 enterprises who helped to organize and sponsor the expo. Thank you!


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