Face Challenge Actively to Realize the Steady Transformation of Layer Industry



On May 16, 2013, the Sixth China Layer Industry Development Conference was launched in Wuhan by China Poultry Industry Association. Director Li Xirong of National Animal Husbandry Service, Wang Zongli, Chief of Animal Husbandry Department of MOA, Li Changyou, Deputy Director of Veterinary Bureau of MOA, Chen Hongsong, Deputy Director of Hubei Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau and other leaders, as well as some experts, scholars, and representative entrepreneurs presented at the conference. The 500- meeting hall was packed. All the participants carried out active exploration based on the theme ?C scale, efficiency, environmental protection and security. During the one and half day meeting, participants share personal view on layer industry development, learn useful experience from each other amid exchange and ideas collision through the presentations, interaction Q&A and excursion.

Gong Guifen, Vice Secretary-general addressed the opening ceremony. During the ceremony, she proposed the leaders to lead in eating chicken, in order to lift the wide consumers' counter-emotion due to the wide spread of the human infection of H7N9.

Over the years, the output of poultry meat and egg has increased on a steady basis, while the production method and standard are remarkably enhanced. However, the layer industry is still facing severe challenge. Director Li Xirong pointed out that the recent human infection of H7N9 has a great impact on the poultry industry as a whole, especially the breeding poultry companies. At the same time, Director Li said, the industry should be vigilant about the over-capacity in layer and pig industry, inappropriate industry layout, low standardization and industrialization, as well as pressure to protect environment. Mr. Wang Zongli, also indicated some problems in the layer industry such as the high risk of poultry disease, backward breeding technique and low scale development. Mrs. Gong said, according to the monitoring program of CAAA, the inventory of grandparents stock in 2012 is 480,000 on average, insufficient to meet the market supply. Besides, decline in labor force of the poultry industry is a new problem which shall not be neglected. Mr. Li Xirong suggested that the industry practitioners take advantage of this forum to explore the challenge and grasp the development trend to find an industrialization path in line with China 's actual layer conditions.

In view of the public concern about the recent human infection of H7N9, Mr. Wang Zongli expounded the measures the State and MOA are taking to help overcome the difficulties. He pointed out that, due to the H7N9 outbreak, price of poultry products declined continuously and sales plummeted, which renders great loss to the poultry enterprises and running-off in employment. The Central Government has adopted 3 programs to aid the poultry production. The first is to open the transportation of seedling bird which passed quarantine inspection. The second is to protect the productivity of breeding poultry. The third is to provide leading companies with discount loans, and bring financial institutions like rural credit cooperatives into play. The disease is ephemeral, said Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang Zongli also expressed his hope that the industry practitioners shall work together to make active exploration on the scale and standard farming, modern poultry industry, industrialized management, risk averting capability improvement in order to achieve a sustainable development in layer industry.

During the conference, the organizing committee also organized a plain poultry meat and egg savoring activity. Director Li Xirong, Director Wang Zongli and representatives gathered at the display board reads Scientifically facing H7N9, No panic on hearing chicken to enjoy the delicious poultry foods. Some participants cannot help but take out their cell phones to snap this significant moment.

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Besides the above mentioned issues like disease prevention and control, ways to improving breeding technologies, scale farming promotion, the conference also invited Li Changyou, Deputy Director of Veterniary Bureau of MOA, Professor Cui ZhiZhong of Shandong Agricultural University and Professor Yang Ning of China Agricultural University to make speeches.


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