Vice Secretary-General Gong Guifen Meets with DMFC Director Inn Enting



In the morning of May 31, 2013, Vice Secretary-General Gong Guifen met with Dutch Meat & Feed Centre Director Ina Enting at the CAAA Meeting Hall.

Both sides exchanged in-depth views on the concluded Sino-Holland Non-hazardous Disposal of Dead Animals and Resources Utilization Workshop and cooperation in the next stage.

Firstly, Miss Gong extended her welcome to Mrs. Ina, and expressed her congratulation to the successful holding of the Sino-Holland Non-hazardous Disposal of Dead Animals and Resources Utilization Workshop in Wuhan. She also stressed that building dead animal disposal plants in China is a quite necessary movement, in which Chinese leading enterprises should play an active role.

Afterwards, Mrs. Ina made clear her purpose of this visit, and put forward three proposals for discussion. First, the Dutch side hopes CAAA organize some Chinese entrepreneurs to visit their dead animal disposal plants, pig farms in Netherlands. Second, on the basis of the Orange Pig, the Dutch side will establish the Orange Poultry, Orange Feed and Orange Diary. Third, Mrs Ina invited the CAAA side to organize delegation to visit VIV Holland to be held in Netherlands in 2014.

Both sides extended in-depth exchange on the above-mentioned proposals and reached broad consensus. First, CAAA can help enlist members to visit Holland in this September. Second, CAAA welcomes the founding of new agencies, and believes that the expansion of Orange group will in the benefits of both sides. Third, since the time of VIV Holland and CAHE clashes, CAAA side will further think about the proposal.

This visit proves fruitful, helping to enhance cooperation between DMFC and CAAA. In the future, the two sides will continue to create more chances of cooperation, in a bid to promote the industry development in both countries.

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