The Tenth China Sheep & Goat Development Conference Successfully Held in Manas



People from all walks of life coming to enjoy Manas Jade

Elite all over China gathering to choose the best Suffolk Ram

From Aug. 10-12, 2013, The Tenth (2013) China Sheep & Goat Development Conference was held solemnly in Manas County , Changji Prefecture , Xinjiang. Qianzhi, Vice President of People's Government of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, He Xintian, Party Secretary of NAMS and Secretary-General of CAAA, Li Jianguo, Party Secretary of People's Government of Changji Prefecture, Zhang Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary-general of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Vice Party Secretary of Changji Prefecture, Ma Xiongchen, Mayor of Changji Prefecture, Ma Dengfeng, Director of Standing Committee of Changji People's Congress, Li Fengqing, Vice President of Changji People's Political Consultative Committee, Liu Shouren, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Honorary President of CAAA, Li Tieming, Standing Party Committee of Changji Prefecture, Wen Siqing, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of People's Congress of Changji Prefecture, Jin Yixin, Deputy Mayor of People's Government of Changji, Xue Yizhou, Vice President of Changji People's Political Consultative Committee, Wang Jiuzhong, Party Secretary of Manas County, Zhao Xinchun, General Husbandry Specialist of Animal Husbandry Department of Xinjiang, He Yaorong, former Vice President of Changji People's Political Consultative Committee, Sun Zhiyong, Landmark Division of Agriculture Products and Safety Center of MOA, Xu Huilin, Vice Secretary-General of Changji Party's Congress, Liu Qiangde, Vice Secretary-General of CAAA, Zhao Youzhang, Honorary President of China Sheep & Goat Association, Su Jianguo, Chief and Deputy Party Secretary of Manas County, Ma Wenxin, Vice Secretary-General of Manas People's Government, Zhao Cunfa, Dean of Inner Mongolia Agriculture Science Institution and other official leaders and experts attended the conference. The number of participants reaches to 700, including sheep-related specialists, scholars, entrepreneurs, famous personage, association administrators, official leaders and representatives from Australia and New Zealand.

Yin Chengwen, Deputy Secretary-General of CAAA chaired the Opening Ceremony.
He Xintian, Party Secretary of NAHS and Secretary-General of CAAA delivered the opening speech.
Wang Jiuzhong, Party Secretary of People's Government of Manas made the welcome speech.
Ma Xiongcheng, Mayor and Vice Party Secretary of Changji made a speech.
Qianzhi, Vice President of People's Government of Xinjiang remarked the conference.
Sun Zhiyong, Geography Marking Division of MOA made a speech.

The conference is chaired by Deputy Secretary-General Yin Chengwen. Secretary-General He Xintian made the opening speech. Mr. He introduced the current situation of Sheep development in China . He noted that, the grain supply will hardily met the demand in a long time term, because of the decreasing arable land and shortage of resources. To develop grain-saving husbandry industry, is one of the most effective methods to increase the ample supply of livestock products, enrich people's nutrient supply and ease the conflicts of food supply. After many years of innovative development, sheep industry has become an advantageous industry by accelerating industry transformation and upgrade. He also expressed his hope that the sheep people could, take this conference as an opportunity, actively tackle the problems of the industry, strengthen exchange and communication, make a depth exploration of the strategies to develop the industry and make greater efforts to promote the healthy and sustainable development of sheep industry in China . Afterwards, Wang Jiuzhong, Party Secretary of Manas introduced the basic condition of sheep development in Manas. He said, Manas had already established Suffolk as its main breed, Non-Suffolk will be introduced, cultivated, given subsidy and mated. Now, Manas has already established a reproduction system focus on purebred reproduction of first-class sheep, enlarged reproduction of second-class sheep, and Hybrid utilization of third-class sheep. The Manas people try to establish a national first-class Suffolk Ram Base and make their contribution to bring quality breed all over the country.

During the opening ceremony, CAAA and Manas People's Government signed a Mutton Sheep Industry Development Strategy Agreement. Meanwhile, sheep related entrepreneurs also signed their declaration on scientific development of Chinese mutton sheep. This gesture is aimed at standardizing the sheep market, creating a fair and just competitive environment, building a harmonious industry, and promoting the sustainable development of modern sheep industry.

Honorary President liu Shouren of China Sheep&Goat Association made a presentation.
Honorary President Zhao Youzhang of China Sheep&Goat Association made a presentation.
President Tian Kechuan of China Sheep&Goat Association made a presentation.

The two-day conference, based on the theme of scientific development of sheep industry, scale farming to guarantee supply provided the participants presentations and interactive discussion, helping to promote the exchange and communication. Liu Shouren, Honorary President of China Sheep&Goat Association, Tian Kechuan, Director of Xinjiang Animal Husbandry Research Institution of, Yan Jianbo, General Manager of Inner Mongolia Li Nong Group, made presentations entitled The Application of Mendelian Inheritance in Sheep Reproduction, Key Technologies in the Current Sheep Scale Development, History and Trend of Sheep Development, Commercial Mode of Sheep Husbandry Using Equipment in Farming Areas respectively and were well received by the audience.

Besides, 3000 black head Suffolk selected by 10 specialized committee, breeding companies, and individuals attended the Sheep Beauty Contest and displayed the operation of the electronic information exchange platform. In the afternoon, the participants visited Manas Xinjiang-Australia Husbandry Co., Ltd., Suffolk Breed Reproduction Farm, Muyue Mutton Sheep Breeding Community of Pasture Village, Taxi River Town , and Dahe Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd.

The increase of consumption is a main way to stimulate and pull production. Taking advantage of the Fourth China Sheep Gourmet Festival, the activity helps to promote the sheep culture and let the participants savor the delicacy of sheep cuisine and the hospitality of the Xinjiang people.

At last, the association organized experts and local government official leaders to take part in the Panel Discussion on the development of sheep industry in Manas. Advices and suggestion proposed by the top-level experts are quite valuable, which made clear the development thought and outlined the sheep development direction. The local government attached great importance to the advices and suggestion.

All in all, this conference had explored many problems. Ways to balance import and cultivate our own breed to improve the overall production capability, ways to take good use of local advantages to innovate in producing mode to increase scale, and ways to learn advanced skills to develop sheep industry in an efficient way are all discussed. Through communication and exploring possible developing road, this conference tries to further break the industry bottleneck, standardize industry operation, promote a healthy, ecological and sustainable industry, and promote the industry upgrade.


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