The Facts about the Development of Angora Industry in China



Recently, some foreign organizations, especially a few European organizations post on the website and hype up a footage featuring the improper rabbit hair plucking by some individual Angora breeders in Shandong and Jiangsu Province to boycott the import and use of Chinese rabbit hair. Some European countries began to spread propaganda against using Chinese rabbit hair, resulting in some European dealers to claim to stop importing Chinese rabbit hair. Some regular orders are then suspended, and even some orders containing angora are called off. Brand clothing with angora are stopped selling in parts of Europe. This irrational trend, if left unchecked, will seriously affect the normal development of China's rabbit hair industry.

In response, China Rabbit Industry Association immediately went to the breeders in their enterprises and farms in the major Chinese Angora production areas, especially in Shandong, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Sichuan, Anhui, Henan, Zhejiang Province, to conduct an in-depth and extensive research on the Angora living environment and hair harvesting method. At present, the Angora farming enterprises and farmers generally attested that the online publicity of the so-called hand-yanking wool on the video is only the improper extreme behavior of individual farmers, not representative of the whole industry and the Angora farmers. Using this as an excuse to boycott China's rabbit hair import is partial and biased, only to confuse the public.

Hereby, China Rabbit Industry Association would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of China's Angora breeding, processing and exporting companies and dealers, to show our basic attitude to the Angora development in China.

•  China is a big Angora farming country. Since the mid 80's of last century, the Angora trade volume account for more than 90 percent of the world's total. China's Angora rabbit with its long, white, fluffy, clean hair is well-known in the world. Along with the rapid economic development and improvement of the science and technology, the standard and scale of this rabbit industry in China is rising with each passing day, and the requirement for animal welfare of Angora rabbit is basically met.

•  The Angora rabbit is one of the oldest types of domestic commercial rabbit, bred largely for their hair. China enjoys a long history of Angora farming. Rabbit hair growing to a certain length must be sheared (similar to human hair), otherwise, it will seriously affect the growth of the rabbit, and even endanger its health. Regular hair harvesting tallies with the breeds' own biological characteristics, and helps to maintain the health.

•  Since 1980s', the commonly-conducted way of hair harvesting in China is collected by shearing. Almost all the production and harvesting procedure of the rabbit hair conforms to the physiology of the Angora and their basic animal welfare. With the progress of science and technology, shearing method is transformed from blade shears to machines shears. The power-driven shear is much safer for rabbits. Therefore, one can not rush to make the partial generalization and negate China's civilized production of rabbit hair.

•  In general, China's Angora farming evolves from sporadic feeding to large-scale breeding, with the breeding facilities and equipment developing toward standardization and modernization. Angora is commonly bred in separate cages. The cages are spacious to preserve heat to keep warm in winter and provide adequate ventilation to cool down in summer, rendering an environment quite suitable for rabbit growth.

•  China Rabbit Industry Association, an umbrella organization of the Chinese rabbit industry, will further strengthen industry communication both at home and abroad. China Rabbit Industry Association is ready to carry out face-to-face communication and cooperation frankly with domestic and foreign organizations that show truly fair and just attitude towards China's Angora industry and other animals. Meanwhile, we will reinforce self-discipline within the Angora industry and standardize the breeding procedure, resolutely crush down illegal hair harvesting, and promote China's Angora rabbit farming to follow the path of standardized management and scientific production.

We are convinced that, with the guidance of China Rabbit Industry Association, great support of the science and technology of the industry, highly concerned people at home and abroad, supervision of the international organizations in a spirit of goodwill, China's Angora rabbit industry will be prosperous and thrive in the long run.

China Rabbit Industry Association

Dec. 3, 2013

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