The Fourth (2014) China White Broiler Industry Development Conference and the Third Global Broiler Forum



The Fourth (2014) China White Broiler Industry Development Conference and the Third Global Broiler Forum

It has been 30 years sine China started to import white broiler breed in the 80s of last century. At present, among the poultry industry or even the husbandry area, the white broiler industry has already become one of the sectors that are highest in standardization and automation with the largest scale. While the white broiler industry deepens its industry upgrading, it faces, however, a number of problems inhibiting its sustainable development and waiting to be solved, such as, serious overcapacity due to increasing introduction of GP white broiler chicks, sluggish market stalled by macro economy slowdown and weak market demand in the last two quarters of 2012, failure to fully use mass media to popularize knowledge on healthy and safe consumption of poultry products and its production process to the consumers, and lack of effective publicity and correct guidance. The whole poultry industry got stuck in its passive reaction to the rolling industry disasters, especially the fast-growth chicken scandal in the end of 2012, and the negative impact of the Human infected H7N9 and H10N8 cases throughout the year of 2013. Thus, ways to implement industry self-discipline, strengthen risk-averting capabilities, carry out effective consumption-related publicity and promotion activities, guide chicken production consumption, have become the focus of widespread concern in the whole industry. Thus, with the aim of building a country-wide or even a worldwide platform for extensive communication and exchange among the entrepreneurs to discuss together the future path for the industry and the various challenges and problems facing the industry, and to explore a sustainable industry development path, China Animal Agriculture Association, together with National Broiler Industry Technology System, decides to hold the fourth China White Broiler Industry Development Conference and the Third Global Broiler Forum in Qingdao City, Shandong Province in May of 2014.

Tentative Agenda:

Time: May 14 -17, 2014 (To be decided)

Avenue: Qingdao (To be decided)

Theme: Safety, Environmental Protection, Scale, Benefit

Conference Activities:

• High Level Symposium: domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, industry leaders and people show concern to the broiler industry will be invited to share their opinions and exchanged views with the participants on the development and consumption of broiler industry as well as the policies both at home and abroad.

• Visits to broiler companies: Participants have access to 1 or 2 leading broiler companies in Shandong.

Conference Advertising:

Various forms of advertisement are provided inside and outside the conference hall. Arched doors, lanterns, roll-ups, color ad, hanging banners can be placed inside and outside. Besides, the organizer also provides conference proceedings magazine, contact catalogue, material bag, and badge for the companies to promote their brand. Sponsorship is welcomed to contact the organizer to get more information.


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