Global Broiler Gathering from May 14-17, 2014


It has been 30 years since China started to import white broiler breed in the 80s of last century. At present, among the poultry industry or even the husbandry area, the white broiler industry has already become one of the sectors that are highest in standardization and automation with the largest scale. While the white broiler industry deepens its industry upgrading, it faces, however, a number of problems inhibiting its sustainable development and waiting to be solved, such as, serious overcapacity due to increasing introduction of GP white broiler chicks, sluggish market stalled by macro economy slowdown and weak market demand in the last two quarters of 2012, failure to fully use mass media to popularize knowledge on healthy and safe consumption of poultry products and its production process to the consumers, and lack of effective publicity and correct guidance. The whole poultry industry got stuck in its passive reaction to the rolling industry disasters, especially the fast-growth chicken scandal in the end of 2012, and the negative impact of the Human infected H7N9 and H10N8 cases throughout the year of 2013. Thus, ways to implement industry self-discipline, strengthen risk-averting capabilities, carry out effective consumption-related publicity and promotion activities, guide chicken production consumption, have become the focus of widespread concern in the whole industry. Thus, with the aim of building a country-wide or even a worldwide platform for extensive communication and exchange among the entrepreneurs to discuss together the future path for the industry and the various challenges and problems facing the industry, and to explore a sustainable industry development path, China Animal Agriculture Association, together with National Broiler Industry Technology System, decides to hold the fourth China White Broiler Industry Development Conference and the Third Global Broiler Forum in Qingdao City, Shandong Province in May of 2014. Broiler-related people at home and abroad will be invited to attend the conference and the forum. At that time, government officials, entrepreneurs, experts, the frontline technicians will gather in Qingdao, to discuss together the future development orientation of broiler industry, exchange the most advanced and most efficient managerial expertise and technology, and find solutions to the problems existing in the industry. We sincerely welcome broiler people and people who show concern to the industry to join the conference and the forum.


Time : May 14-17, 2014 (register from Wednesday Afternoon, May 14th to Thursday Morning May 15 th .)

Venue : Qingdao Huanghai Hotel (75 Yan'an Yi Lu, Qingdao)



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Conference Brochure

Organizing Committee

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association

Host: China Poultry Industry Association

National Broiler Industry Technology System

Diamond Sponsor: Soliciting

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Shandong Haineng Bioengineering Co., Ltd.


Beijing Centre Biology Co., Ltd.




Consumption Safety, Emergency Management, Environmental Friendly, Breeding Innovation


Popularization and Promotion, Put Safety First

Science and Technology Innovation, Energy Efficiency

Size Control, Orderly Competition

Striving for Success, To Win the Future



•  Forum

Industry leaders, domestic and foreign broiler experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, people showing concern to broiler industry will be invited to give presentations and discuss on the current development situation of broiler in the global market and the broiler industry's future development, broiler related policies, advanced production and management skills, hot spots detaining public attention, epidemic trends and other issues.

1. Policies on Poultry Industry:

• The current situation and government oriented policies of the whole poultry Industry

• Interpretation of Livestock Pollution Prevention Regulations

• Interpretation of National Broiler Genetic Improvement Programs

•Harmless treatment of sick dead chicken and environmental-friendly broiler industry development

2. International broiler industry:

• Comparison on broiler breeding production costs and competitiveness between US and Brazil

• Process and significance of chicken consumption become the largest source of residents beyond beef in US

• Introduction on Broiler Industry Development Status and Experience in Thailand

• International competition on China chicken products export

3. China broiler industry

• Status and prospect of China's broiler sector

• Necessity and methods discussion on production capacity control

• The important role, problems and solutions on white broiler sector in the national economy

• Broiler enterprise innovation and breakthrough strategies in the current industrial environment

• New Directions on cooked and condiment products development

• Establishing a sound financial and insurance sector, and promote the development of the poultry industry

4. The promotion and establishment of emergency management

• Ensuring food safety, insight on promotion of broiler products

• The potential of broiler in China's consumption growth and ways to stimulate the consumption growth

• How to establish an emergency mechanism for the industry to effectively respond to emergencies

5. Breeding and disease

• The status quo, problems and prospects on the promotion of broiler cage technology

• Progress on broiler feed and nutrition technology research

• Pollutant emissions and air filtration

• Problems and countermeasures on broiler production disease control

•  Interactive Exchange

To provide a good opportunity for participants to exchange with presenters and entrepreneurs, the organizing committee makes special arrangement for the interactive communication. The participants are entitled to raise question to the presenter according to the presenter's research range, to clear up confusion and tackle problems they met in the development of the industry. The outstanding entrepreneurs and experts will share ideas with participants on corporate culture, business philosophy, development strategy, management mode, in order to provide reference for the broiler enterprises and accelerate the industrialization process of broiler industry in China.

•  Visit and Inspection

Participants are entitled to visit advanced and representative enterprises. Through the on-the-spot investigation and with guides' accompany, broiler practitioners can enjoy a good opportunity to learn from peers.



May 14

Wednesday Afternoon


May 15

Thursday Morning



Thursday Afternoon

Opening ceremony, High-level forum

May 16

Friday Morning

Presentations and Interactive exchange


Friday Afternoon

Presentations and Interactive exchange

May 17

Saturday Morning

Visit to broiler companies

Excellent Enterprise Brand Show will be presented during the conference.


Venue: Qingdao Huanghai Hotel

Add: 75 Yan'an Yi Lu, Qingdao

Tel: 86-532-82870215


Who should attend?

Domestic and foreign broiler related experts, entrepreneurs, administrators, researchers, technicians, marketing personnel (engaged in the field, such as breeding, processing, feed, hatchery, equipment, veterinary drugs, vaccines, biological products, trade, etc), related media, people showing concern to the development of broiler industry are welcomed to attend.


Proceedings Soliciting:

The conference proceedings will be incorporated to the ??China Poultry??, a Chinese core journal, and be officially published. People from all walks of life are welcomed to contribute their paper. The format is not restricted. Interested contributors could refer to the theme of the conference and figure out the topic of the paper, with no more than 5,000 words. Please send the paper to jqy@caaa.cn before the deadline of April 10 th , 2014. The organizing committee will publish the best by selection without page charges. The requirements are as follows:

• The paper shall be clear, scientific, rigorous, reliable, and concise, and the writer should specify the reference and be responsible for the views.

• The organizing committee could modify the words of the contribution.

• Be sure to specify the working address, zip code, telephone number, e-mail of the first author.

• The symbol and measurement unit being used must conform to the international norms.

• Please refer to the China Poultry Journal for detailed format.



Conference fee: $300/person (including catering, conference, material, photograph, souvenir). The accommodation cost is on the participants' expense, while the organizing committee can help order and arrange the accommodation.

Accommodation fee: Participants must make the reservation first. Accommodation can not be guaranteed without reservation. Participants arriving after 21 o'clock, May 15, please call and confirm the reservation, or else, the order will be cancelled.

Room Type


Remaining Rooms

Standard Room

368 Yuan


Deluxe Standard Room

408 Yuan


Deluxe Single Room

488 Yuan




Various forms of advertisement are provided inside and outside the conference hall: Roll-ups and color ad can be placed inside the meeting hall while showcases, arched doors, lanterns, balloons, color ad, hanging banners, roll-ups can be placed outside. Besides, the organizer also provides conference proceedings magazine, contact catalogue, badge, meal voucher, conference guide for the companies to promote their brand. The material bag, notebook, souvenir will be put out to tender. Sponsorship is welcomed to contact the organizer to apply and get more information.


Applying Procedure:

•Download the above attached document, fax or mail to China Poultry Industry Association, if internet access unavailable. (Please do call the organizing committee to ensure the applying letter is received)

• Remittance can be sent to

Account Holder: China Animal Agriculture Association

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