The Third (2014) China Grassland Industry Conference Successfully Held in Hohhot



On July 18, 2014, the Third China Grassland Industry Conference was successfully held in Hohhot , Inner Mongolia , based on the theme of Historical Opportunity, Ecological Civilization and Food Security. This conference was organized by China Animal Agriculture Association, with China Grassland Association and Monsod Drought-Resistance as the host. As the top conference in the grassland arena in China , government officials from Ministry of Agriculture, National Animal Husbandry Service and Grassland Monitoring and Supervision Center made keynote speeches on the conference. Besides, more than 10 top Chinese experts on grassland and 600 famous entrepreneurs and association representatives attended the conference.

The convening of this conference, further seizing the historical opportunity and summarizing China 's grassland achievement, showed the fruits borne by China 's grassland industry, and gave full play the ??tiny grass?? in its role of promoting ecological industry, ecological civilization and food safety in order to advance grassland industry alliance and market development.

Attending the conference, we have Yu Kangzhen, Vice Minister of MOA, Wang Yuming, Vice Chairman of People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ma Qizhi, Chairman of Peoples' Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and President of Chinese Grassland Society, Liu Xu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Vice Dean of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Dong Hengyu, Vice Chairman of the Political Consultative Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Liu Yanhua, Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology and Councilor of State Council, Jia Youling, Chief Veterinarian of MOA and President of Chinese Veterinary Medical Association, Liu Beihua, Deputy Director of Development and Planning Department of MOA, Yang Zhenghai, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department of MOA, Liu Jiawen, Deputy Director of Grassland Supervision and Monitoring Center of MOA, Gu Jicheng, Secretary-General of Dairy Association of China, He Xintian, Party Secretary of National Animal Husbandry Service, Lu Xinshi, President of China Grassland Association, Wang Zhaoming, President of Monsod Drought-Resistance and etc. He Xintian, Party Secretary of National Animal Husbandry Service, presided over the conference.

President Ma Qizhi expressed warm congratulations to the launching of the conference and shared experience of his visit to Utah states of U.S. as well as his reflection on China 's grassland industry development. He talks about the developing situation of American grassland industry, the protection and restoration of natural grassland, processing and exporting of grass products, R&D for grass seed, genetics and variety selection and etc. Compared with the large amount of fodder imports, it is a great waste for not making good use of our own 400 million hectares of grassland resources, He urges the grassland people to make efforts to restore the grassland and learn form the developed countries to develop grassland industry, to gain great benefit and to show China as a strong grassland country.

Yu Kangzhen, Vice Minister of MOA also made an important speech. He emphasized that the modern grassland should center on the target of protect environment, ensure supply, secure safety and promote development, put add green, rejuvenate husbandry industry, bring wealth to mankind as the orientation, and make efforts to build ecological civilization and realize the modernization of agriculture. Now, China is still in its early stage of developing modern grassland industry and faces many challenges, including poor awareness, insecure foundation, unclear orientation, weak innovation and etc., we must pay great attention to it and make great efforts to tackle it. From now on, we must be sober-minded, and make efforts to develop modern grassland industry characterized by eco-friendliness, combination of crop farming with husbandry farming, quality and safety, optimization and innovation, strengthen husbandry and enrich farmer, to make grassland industry as the pillar industry to add green, as the basic industry to renovate husbandry, new industry to enrich farmer.

Famous experts and representatives attending the Third (2014) China Grassland Industry Conference

Present at the conference, we also have some famous experts from universities and research institutions. They are Zhang Yingjun, Chief Scientist of National Forage Industry Technology System, Yang Fuyu, Secretary-General of National Forage Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance, Wang Mingjiu, Vice President of Chinese Grassland Society, Hou Xiangyang, Head of Grassland Research Institution of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Liu Zhongling, Professor of Inner Mongolia University. Besides, representatives from government units and industry associations like Italian Association of Dry Fodder, National Animal Husbandry Service, Chinese Grassland Society, Inner Mongolia Grassland Society, Ar-Horqin Grassland Association were present at the conference too.

After the opening ceremony, some leaders and experts made presentations in turn. On behalf of Academician Ren Jizhou and other 8 academicians, Professor Lu made a speech on Transformation from Crop Farming to Grassland Farming, Deputy Director Yang Zhenhai on Reasons and Countermeasures for the Continuous Rising of Beef and Mutton Price, Vice Chairman Dong Hengyu on Significance of Developing Ecological Grassland Industry and Suggestions, Council Liu Yanhua on Suggestion on Promoting Grassland Industry Resources Construction through Market, President Jia Youling on Pasture - Take Resources Protection and Productivity Conservation into Account, President Wang Zhaoming on Ecological Industry Alliance and Grassland Ecology Restoration, Secretary-General Yang Fuyu on Science and Technology Renovation and Grassland Industry Development.

In the afternoon of July 18 th , four forums are opened at the same time in different halls, centering on four topics, namely, grassland ecology, grassland products and processing, grassland and healthy breeding of animal husbandry, grassland policies and investment and financing. Presentations, discussions, interactions are presented at the forum. Participants are indulged in the active atmosphere of the forum, where they learned what they want on grassland development. This, in turn helps to strengthen communication among governments, experts, enterprises and technicians.

Forum One - Grassland Ecology

Forum Two - Grassland Products and Processing


Forum Three and Four - Grassland and Healthy Animal Husbandry Farming; Grassland Policies, Financing and Investment

Visit to Cilechuan Grassland Restoration Program of Monsod

Visit to Grassland Variety Resources Base of Monsod

Visit to Experiment Base of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Besides the conference, exhibitions were divided into the indoor fair and outdoor display. To name just a few of the exhibitors, Kverneland, AGCO, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, Huanong Equipment, Purple Pasture, Keyunte Clean Energy, RYTWAY, ECO China, DLF Group China, Shanghai STAR, CLOVER GROUP, JOHN DEER, MAMMOTH, BARENBRUG, GANSU YASHENG INDUSTRIAL GROUP, HUA FENG CAO YE, S  H  B  A, Inner Mongolia CAO Du, Ar-Horqin Grassland Association, etc. The conference provided a good opportunity for the exhibitors to promote themselves, but also built a platform for mutual communication, with the aim of promoting the active development of the whole grassland industry.

Indoor Exhibition - Standard Booth

Indoor Exhibition - Designed Booth

Outdoor Exhibition - Large Equipment

Outdoor Exhibition - Large Equipment

The two-day conference, with presentations, forums and exhibitions, displayed a panoramic view of China's grassland industry and showed the achievement made in the industry, fully tapped the potential of grassland industry in its role of developing green industry, building ecological civilization and securing food safety. Besides, it discussed about ideas, operating model and guarantee mechanisms for the grassland industry in face of new historical opportunity and new trend, and made its contribution to the healthy development of grassland industry in this turning period. The conference, a symbol of China 's grassland industry, has the highest standards, best effects, and greatest vitality in China .

The Fourth China Grassland Industry Conference will be held in 2 years in 2016.


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