Foreign Exhibitor Delegation to 2016 CAHE



As an international comprehensive exhibition on animal husbandry, CAHE has been awarded the 5-star exhibition several times by the ministry of agriculture and key exhibition supported and guided by the ministry of commerce. CAHE, together with the Germany Eurotier, France Space and US IPPE, are the top four flagship exhibitions on animal husbandry. Over the years, CAHE has attracted hundreds of millions of husbandry people. It has become not only a livestock promotion platform for the domestic people, but also a window for international exchanges and cooperation.
A large number of domestic leading livestock industry enterprises, attended the expo as exhibitors and audiences included farmers, dealers, experts and scholars, and officials from ministry of agriculture and animal husbandry institutions. There were about 1200 exhibitors and the international attendees accounted for 20.68% this year.
French Delegation: The largest-ever exhibitor team
The French Consul General in Shenyang Marc LAMY said in the interview, Liaoning, as a major agricultural province, is full of opportunities. We are quite satisfied with the event. The French Embassy has invited 15 companies to attend the expo, which is the largest ever team. Our companies take it as a great opportunity to show the strength and characteristics of France in livestock industry. As Europe's largest agricultural country, France exports the largest agricultural produce. Attending the exhibition are companies in pig genetics, animal health, vaccine, farm equipment construction, heating equipment, ear tag, which makes up the whole picture of animal husbandry in France. Most of the exhibitors already has their branches in China and has Chinese partners. Some has already sold products to Chinese market, and some set up joint venture with Chinese local companies and already has some share in the Chinese market.
Mr. Marc LAMY continued to introduce his meeting with governor Lu Hao of Heilongjiang Province. He hopes to cooperate with the Chinese side on producing high quality and safe food together by using good technologies and equipment, to establish consumer confidence in food safety.
Ms. Laure ELSAESSER of French Embassy in China added that, she hopes to see more Chinese companies and individuals to visit France to enhance mutual visit and exchange.
According to the French embassy, France has two important livestock fairs, including the SPACE in Rennes, which is specialized in pig industry and a cattle show in Montferrand. Ms. Laure ELSAESSER welcomes more Chinese companies to attend those fairs.

US: Great confidence in Chinese market
US Pavilion consists of 17 companies, including pig, poultry, equipment, genetic, live animals, veterinary companiess, as well as the state Department of Agriculture and the US Embassy Agricultural Trade Office in China.
US Embassy Agricultural Trade Office in China, with the aim of introducing and promoting US agricultural products, also attended the expo.
SCOTT WEINHOLD, US Consul General Consulate General in Shenyang, after visiting the booths, said, ??the US exhibitors are satisfied with this show and they are looking forward to the next show. I had visited an equipment company. They had shipped their equipment to the show and the equipment was ordered on the spot. The companies are confident in Chinese market."

Netherlands: Food safety and environmental protection is the theme of this exhibition
The Dutch pavilion is divided into pig pavilion (11 companies) and poultry pavilion (4 companies), which together occupies an area of around 450 square meters. The participating companies showed products and technologies related to production efficiency improvement and environmental protection, such as safe disposal of poultry manure, ways to reduce the use of antibiotics, and in particular, ways to solve farrowing stress.
Except for the feed area, the Dutch companies have cooperation with some domestic companies in other areas, too, such as ELLHOPE, who had introduced advanced technologies and concept to China, and Wens who had built a modern pig farm in Chaoyang, whose farm design, technologies and equipment are introduced from Veldman.
Agricultural Counselor Martin Olde Monnikof of Netherlands Embassy in China said, except for b2b cooperation, the Dutch government has cooperation with Chinese ministry, institutions and academies too, such as feed safety problem. ??The requirement of food safety, like infant formula is strict right now in China, which in turn has a high quality requirement for the raw milk. However, to get high quality raw milk, we should ensure the safety of the feed intake by the dairy cattle. "


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