The Fourth 2014 China Yellow Broiler Industry Development Conference Successfully Held in Ningbo





The Fourth (2014) China Yellow Broiler Industry Development Conference was held in Ningbo together by China Animal Agriculture Association, China Poultry Industry Association and National Broiler Industry Technology System. The theme of the conference is transformation and upgrading - industrial transformation road in the new situation. The aim of the conference is to discuss the development trend of yellow broiler industry, analyze the current government policies and trend, communicate advanced and effective managerial expertise, science and technology, and break the bottleneck of the industry. About 500 people including government officials, famous experts, entrepreneurs, media friends and related representatives attended the conference. Wen Zhifen, Vice-president of CAAA, Executive President of China Poultry Industry Association and CEO of WENS Group presided over the meeting.


Wang Zongli, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department of MOA attended the meeting


Secretary-General He Xintian delivered the opening speech

Secretary-General He Xintian delivered the opening speech. He pointed out that the inventory of yellow broiler in 2013 in China is about 1.38 million sets, an increase of 5.5% over 2012. The inventory of parental generation reaches to 36.29 million sets, commercial generation to 3.86 billion heads. Now, with the accelerating pace of yellow broiler development, modern companies come out continuously. Industry models like company + farmer, company + base (farm), company + family farm and business models like vertical integration and horizontal integration are implemented to achieve good economic and social returns. In spite of these achievements, there emerge some problems to be solved. First, lacking of overall planning in the industry leads to overcapacity. Second, various breeds and lacking of uniform standard lead to market confusion. Third, industry standard and technical specification are unsound. Fourth, consuming method left the public's safety at risk. Thus, it is imperative for the industry to tackle those issues together.

He further pointed out that since the year of 2013, China's yellow broiler industry suffered a great setback. Especially with the transformation of development, resources constraint, environmental protection, and multiple managerial practices, the economic returns of yellow broiler breeding is not very sound and companies are under great pressure. In late March of 2013, H7N9 broke out, and brought great suffer to the consumer market. Yellow broilers are sold in special way - 85% of yellow broilers are sold lively. After the market for live poultry was closed, yellow broiler and poultry products transaction stranded, and the poultry company met unprecedented difficulties. It is estimated by China Poultry Industry Association that the loss of poultry industry reached to 100 billion in 2013, accounting for 20% of the annual output. H7N9 came back at early 2014, shocking the recovering poultry industry twice. It is estimated that the loss reached to 50 billion at the beginning of April. With great concern form various walks of life to the closed live poultry market, governments of all levels have strengthened regulation on live poultry market. The traditional way of consuming yellow broiler will not change and live poultry transaction will be in need in certain period of time. But it is predictable that the traditional way of consumption will gradually transform to frozen and fresh meat and even deep-processed products. In the context of new situation, if the yellow broiler industry cannot change the developing thoughts, make innovation on technologies, transform producing model, the living space of yellow broiler will severely squeezed or even lost the ground. Mr. He called on the experts and entrepreneurs to share their ideas, bring in wisdom, inspire new ideas, and find tangible and practical ways on the hot, difficult and focal spots of the industry.



Wang Zongli, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department of MOA made a keynote speech entitled The thoughts and policies on developing modern animal husbandry industry. He pointed out in his speech that the promotion of developing modern animal husbandry industry in China brings an unprecedented historical opportunity to the accelerating development of yellow broiler industry. It is the time for us to seize this favorable opportunity, accelerate the transformation pace and make efforts to be the first to build a modern yellow broiler industry. The developing thoughts for yellow broiler industry from now on are as follows: stick to the combination of market guidance and government support, make development transformation as the main line, standard and scale breeding, reproducing good breed as the core, strengthen policy support, intensify science and technology support, develop elite local breeds, promote industrialization, give positive guidance, build a progressive, resources-conserving, environmental friendly, safe and quality, modern yellow broiler production system. The major tasks includes, firstly, accelerating the industrial upgrading of the industry; secondly, vigorously promote standardization and scale; thirdly, build sound elite breed reproduction system; fourthly, pay attention to quality security; fifthly, intensify disease control; sixthly, strengthen positive promotion.


Participants rose question to the speakers

Gong Guifen, Vice Secretary-General of CAAA made a speech on The situation and trend of yellow broiler in China.


There are 15 presentations in total. Subjects like Transformation, innovation, expansion, development, how to build emergency mechanisms to effectively tackle emergency, promotion of frozen and fresh poultry, strengthen promotion to guide the consumer, build brands, healthy production and consumption of yellow broiler products are well received by the participants. It is with this hope that CAAA hold the conference, to provide more momentum to the industry and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.




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