The Fourth (2014) China Rabbit Industry Development Conference Successfully Held in Dengyang City


From October 14 to 15, 2014, the Fourth (2014) China Rabbit Development Conference was solemnly held in "Western Sichuan Pearl" Deyang City, Sichuan Province by China Animal Agriculture Association. Yang Chaobo, Deputy Director of Sichuan Agriculture Department, Yang Zhen, Vice Mayor of People's Government of Deyang City, Xie Tianyou, Vice Chairman of CPPCC of Deyang City, Qin Yinghe, Vice President of China Rabbit Industry Association, Chief Scientist of the National Rabbit Industrial Technology System and Professor of Animal Science and Technology College of China Agricultural University, Diao Yunhua, Director of Sichuan Animal Agriculture Association, Xu Guangyong, Party Secretary of Luojiang County, Zeng Changjiang, Head of Luojiang People's Government, Fugang, Chief of Animal Husbandry Department of Sichuan Province, Tang Liangmei, Honorary President of China Rabbit Industry Association and Researcher of Sichuan Grassland Science Research Institution, Ye Xiaohong, Deputy Dean of Sichuan Animal Husbandry Science and Research Institution attended the meeting. About 500 people including experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, famous personage, official leaders, and association representatives joined the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Yin Chengwen, Deputy Secretary of China Animal Agriculture Association. He Xintian, vice president of CAAA gave the opening remarks. He introduced the present situation of China's Rabbit development, and expressed that China's rabbit industry, after years of continuous innovation and development, has gradually developed into one of the advantageous industry of saving grain in the process of industrial upgrade. China's rabbit industry is in a stage of rapid development. All the local areas should promote the rabbit development scientifically, rationally and efficiently by combining their advantages in resources. Deyang City enjoys unique natural resources, takes the rabbit industry, especially Rex rabbit breeding as a strategic industry to develop modern agriculture and means to increase farmers revenue. Under the leadership of Sichuan Jinhu Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd, many farmers become richer and gaining more revenue. The conference provides the rabbit people a good opportunity to tackle the problems in its development, strengthen communication and study, have an in-depth exploration on the strategy of developing the industry, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. Afterwards, Party Secretary Xu Guangyong made a welcome speech. Yang Zhen, Deputy Mayor of Deyang People's Government and Yang Chaobo, Deputy Director of Sichuan Agriculture Department gave speeches in turn. Then, He Xintian, Party Secretary of National Animal Husbandry Station declared the opening of the conference.

The two-day conference, rich in content, emphasized on the theme of "Scientific and Standardized Rabbit Breeding, Healthy Consumption of Rabbit Brand". The conference has presentations and interactive activities, helping to strengthen the extensive communication among the attendees. Presentations like Rabbit Industry Situation, Challenges and Trends in China, Situation of Rex Rabbit Industry and Breeding Progress, Application of Genetics in Rabbit Reproduction, Research on the Connection between Rex Fur, Rabbit Meat Price and Related Products, Feed Price, and GDP and CPI, Rabbit Survey in Wuwei City of Gansu Province, Problems and Countermeasures of Processing of Rabbit Fur, Progress made in Angora Rabbit Breeding, Common Knowledge of Veterinary Drugs and Vaccines, Advantages of Cross-bred Meat Rabbit and Cross-Breeding, Progress and Thoughts on the Industrialization of Sichuan Rabbit, Current Situation of Cross-Breeding are well received by the audiences.

Interactive speeches are shared on the modern breeding model, breeding equipment, new technologies and managerial expertise, to name just a few, Base on Mountain Resources, Build Powerful Rabbit Economic County, Achieve Industrialized Management, Develop Circular and Ecological Economy, New Trend in the Rabbit Equipment in the World, Application and Quality of Equipment-combed Wool, Key Index in the Design of Rabbit Hutch and Analysis on the Application, Major Diseases and Prevention Measures of Rabbit.

During the conference, the organizing committee also organized the representatives to visit the breeding zone and industrial park of Sichuan Jinfu Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd.to further supply the participants an experience to learn the company's breeding model five hearts to rally farmers and managerial pattern.

There are 80 rabbit booths set up in the Tower Square of Deyang City. Rabbit meat products, rabbit veterinary drugs, rabbit feed, rabbit cages and other equipment, rabbit fur and other enterprises are exhibited in the square, enhancing exchanges between upstream and downstream enterprises.

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