The Third (2014) China Camel Conference Held in the Beautiful Alxa Right Banner



On September 27, 2014, the Third (2014) China Camel Conference and the International Camel Industry Development Summit was held in the beautiful Alxa Right Banner by China Animal Agriculture Association, Alxa League CPC Committee, Alxa League Civil Administration together with Alxa Right Banner CPC Committee and People's Government of Alxa Right Banner, based on the theme of Showing the New Charm of Camel Village, Create a New Chapter for Camel Industry.


This conference gained help and support from the banners of Alxa League and its neighboring regions. Vice Chairman Wang Yuming of People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region sent a congratulatory message to the General Assembly, and convey his congratulations on the convening of the conference. CPC Secretary Yang Hai of Alxa Right Banner delivered the welcome speech. Batuchaolu, Chairman of CPPCC of Alxa League and President of China Camel Industry Association delivered an important speech. Du Junshi, Deputy Secretary of Alxa League Committee announced the opening of the conference. After the opening ceremony, various enjoyable activities were held on the site.

Alxa enjoys unique advantages in camel industry development. First, the league has a long history of camel breeding. Alxa Bactrian Breed, as one of the ancient breeds, has been domesticated in Alxa Right Banner for more than 5,000 years. And Alxa is the earliest camel breeding region in China. Second, the number of Bactrian camel here is large. By the end of June, 2014, the inventory of Bactrian camel in Alxa Right Banner is 49 thousand, accounting for 20 percent of China's holding. Third, the camel resources here are very unique, with rich cultural heritage. In its long-term evolution against the desertification of the environment, the camel has formed unique physiology and stress resistance character, which is a precious resource for bio-genetic engineering in the future. Man, camel and ecology forms a unique, content-rich camel culture in their long-term blending. Fourth, the region enjoys comparable geographic advantages. Alxa is an important cross facing the north and linking the south. It is an important node connecting the North China and Xinjiang, which lays a solid foundation for developing camel industry. Fifth, the breeding of camel is very popular among the people. Over the years, Alxa has given great priority to camel industry and make it a means to enrich people and empower the banner. The structure has been gradually reformed, and the developing level improved significantly. It is after the host of strategic cooperation with enterprises, universities, research institutions that the camel industry in Alxa Right Banner escalates to a new level.

The Third Council Meeting of the First China Camel Industry Association Committee was held at the same time with the meeting. The two-day meeting achieved great success.



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