The Ninth China Cattle Industry Development Conference Successfully Held in Chengmai


From August 8 to 9, the Ninth (2014) China Cattle Industry Development Conference was solemnly held in Chengmai County, Haikou City, Hainan Province by China Animal Agriculture Association. Leaders from Ministry of Agriculture, He Xintian, Party Secretary of National Animal Husbandry Service and Secretary-General of China Animal Agriculture Association??Yang Sitao, Director of Hainan Agriculture Department and Party Secretary of Chengmai County, Xu Shangzhong, President of China Cattle Industry Association, and some experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, famous industry personage, government officials, association administrators, as well as representatives from Australia, Japan, US, Canada and other countries attended the conference. The number of attendees reaches to 600 odds. Liu Qiangde, Vice Secretary-General of China Animal Agriculture Association presided over the conference. Official from Ministry of Agriculture made an important speech on the conference. He introduced the current situation of cattle industry in China, and put forward development plans and proposals. He hoped that the industry might seize the opportunity to jointly explore the development strategy of the cattle industry, make efforts to address the hot industry problems like improvement of the overall production levels of the cattle industry, supply of elite breed resources, product quality and safety control, independent brand construction, industry standards formulation, international trade countermeasures, harmonious industry development, and etc., and steadily improve the organization of farmers and herdsmen, focus on the construction of intensive, professional, organizational and socialized new cattle industry management system, guide the operation of various forms and appropriate scale, give full play to the decisive role of the market, effectively leverage local resources, and further improve China's overall efficiency and market competitiveness in cattle industry. Yang Sitao, Party Secretary of Chengmai County shared with the participants on experience of cattle development in Chengmai County. Chengmai County set a good example for the healthy development of cattle industry in China by following the path of Three County, One Place, constantly improving the level of industrial management of beef cattle, improving product quality and safety, production and ecology efficiency and achieving development for the number, quality and efficiency of the Chengmai Fu Cattle and Local Yellow Cattle in lockstep.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Opening Remarks by Secretary-General He Xintian

Signing Strategic Cooperative Agreements

The two-day conference, took the form of presentations and extended discussions on the establishment of high quality, ecological, and safe cattle farming mode, industrial transformation, upgrading and innovation in cattle industry, breed resources and market opportunities, and cattle technology and research achievements. The conference was broadcast on the WeChat Platform that the audiences can raise question on the spot to the speakers, who will then see question through the conference screen. By introducing this instantaneous device, the participants were motivated to be part of the conference. Presentations like Retrospect of beef cattle industry in China in 2013 and Predication of cattle industry in 2014, The current beef cattle situation and future trend against the ear of high cost, Angus Situation in Japan, The long-term trend and structural adjustment of agriculture in Australia were well received by the audiences.

High-level Forum

High-level Forum



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