Cattle Delegation to Canada



From November 19 to December 1, China Cattle Industry Association led a cattle delegation to inspect the beef cattle industry in Canada. Although it was already the winter in Canada, The great snowstorm and severe cold did not stop the delegation from visiting the breeding bases, feedlots, slaughtering and processing factories, software management companies and the WEST CANADA AGRIBITION. The visit achieved desired effect.

A. Cooperation on Beef Cattle Breeding
In recent years, China imported a great deal of improved gene of beef cattle from Australia. Some domestic bull station also imported some bull gene from Europe and USA. But due to the outbreak of BSE, the importation of gene was stranded, leading to less choice for breed reproduction and improvement in China. The cooperation of cattle gene between China and Canada helps to import the best cattle gene from Canada. The delegation visited Alta Genetics in Caigary, Alberta to learn the new progress made in Angus breeding. The Tangshan Bull Station also imports semen from Alta, which will definitely enrich the gene to improve the beef cattle breed. The requirement for Angus semen is high in China recently. China Cattle Industry Association plans to go to Tangshan for further investigation.

B. Visit to the Feedlots
Canada enjoys favorable cattle breeding environment, with lots of ranches, forage, and land resources. The delegation visited Saskatchewan and Alberta, both of which are typical cattle breeding area. But the two provinces are quite clear in labor division. Saskatchewan is the heifer and feeder producing area, while Alberta is an important fattening, slaughtering and processing area. 70% of feeder from Saskatchewan is transported to Alberta for fattening and most of the processing companies for beef trade to China are mainly in Alberta. The delegation visited the heifer and feeder ranches in both of two provinces. The delegation visited a feedlot holding 15,000 in Alberta and also had a happy exchange with the 100,000-cattle owner, who has the biggest feedlot in western Canada. The degree of mechanization in those feedlots is very high, and the cattle can be put on the market after 16-18 months. The cattle will be fed grain feed in the last 8-19 months. The quality of beef is good, and the price is much higher than the Australian beef.

C. Management Software in Cattle Farm
The delegation also visited the biggest farm-managing software company in Alberta. The company has great experiences in farm design and software operation, and provides services covering the world. In this regard, the association is considering organizing domestic technicians and management personnel to go to Canada for training.

D. Beef Trade
The Canadian beef has been open to the Chinese market. Now, China imported the boneless whole carcass from Canada, who then cuts and packs the products in accordance with China's requirements. Although the beef price is relatively higher because of its grain-fed meat, their quality meets the need of domestic consumption and will enjoy good prospect. The delegation member showed great interested to the beef.

E. West Canada Agribition
The West Canada Agribition is held in Saskatchewan every year and mainly exhibit cattle (dairy cattle and beef cattle) and horse. During the exhibition, various shows and contests were held to attract many ranch owners to get involved, which made the exhibition a cowboy festival. The four-day exhibition had attracted a lot of people and exhibited various activities. Canada pays great attention to industry education to children. The involvement of Children of various ages in the activities shows their love to agriculture and cowboy in the country.
The 10-day visit is rewarding. We also expect to organize Chinese technicians and management personnel to Canada for in-depth training to effectively improve the level of domestic beef production.


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