Founding of China Animal Husbandry Engineering Association



On December 19, China Animal Husbandry Engineering Association was officially founded in Beijing. More than 100 domestic elites from animal husbandry machinery industry, feed machinery industry, livestock processing machinery industry, livestock and poultry house planning and design, environmental engineering, information technology and other related areas as well as representatives from the media industry attended the meeting.

The regulation on China Animal Husbandry Engineering Association (Draft) was passed and 85 council members, 42 standing council members and leaders were elected out for the first session of the council congress.
Wang Xiang, Liu Chunlai, Qi Chunqing, Yu Ping, Gao Jiwei, Lai Chengmu, Qu Tiangui was elected as the president for the first session of the council congress, Wang Jingfa, Hu Tianjian, Wang Zhenhua, Zeng Niangen, Li Xiao, Dang Yuewen, Zhang Mingyao was elected as the vice president, Yin Chengwen was elected as the Secretary-General. Qi Chunqing was elected as the executive president of the first session of the council congress of China Animal Husbandry Engineering Association. 15 experts and entrepreneurs including Li Shisheng, Lv Zhongxiao, Liu Yonghuai was appointed as the advisory for the experts committee and Li Shisheng the director of the committee.

The meeting was chaired by He Xintian, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Animal Agriculture Association.

President Qi Chunqing delivered an eloquent speech on behalf of China Animal Husbandry Engineering Association. Qi Chunqing pointed out that the establishment of China Animal Husbandry Engineering Association is the dream of Animal Husbandry engineering people. With factors such as livestock equipment transformation and upgrading, effective and rational use of land resources and animal welfare putting on the agenda today, council members are called on to take advantage of the situation and play an active role to provide supporting services to the animal husbandry industry and keep up with the pace of research on livestock and poultry environment. In the spirit of healthy, safe, cycling, sustainable, and efficient, China Animal Husbandry Engineering Association will rely on the scientific and technological innovation to continuously improve the designing and manufacturing of machinery, and turn the change to efficient productivity, striving to improve the standardization of animal husbandry machinery. China Animal Husbandry Engineering Association will provide solid guarantee for the change from investment-intensive model to innovation-driven model and make it a new and normal trend. Meanwhile, in an era of rapid development of information, Engineering Association will strengthen information system construction, intensify efforts to collect statistics and data and fully use it, to make the equipment design and research forward-looking and universally applicable. In accordance with the idea of serving membership, serving the industry, serving society, serving the government, engineering association will orient to the needs of livestock and poultry industry, actively solve the problems of member companies, promote the communication among the enterprises, gather talents, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprises.

Yin Chengwen, Secretary-General of China Animal Husbandry Engineering Association reported the work plan of the association for the first council congress. He stressed that the association shall focus on improving management, carrying out business and expanding influence under the leadership of China Animal Agriculture Association carry out industry communication and collaboration, gradually establish and safeguard industry norms, and help the government organs to promote the development of the industry at the inception of the association. First, giving full play to industry association and promoting the healthy development of animal husbandry engineering; Second, holding industry activities and establishing industry communication platform; Third, Strengthening information system construction and setting up an authoritative website in CAAA Network; Fourth, Strengthen international communication and training and expand international market; Fifth, Pay attention to Self-improvement and lay a solid foundation.

Anticipated by and gained great support from the wide member companies, the first session of the membership congress achieved a great success, which will definitely play a significant role in promoting the standardization, scale, industrialization and information-orientation of animal husbandry industry in China.


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