2014 China Animal Agriculture Development Summit held in Beijing



On December 19, 2014, the Third Session of the Sixth Council Congress of CAAA and 2014 China Animal Agriculture Development Summit were held in Beijing Yuyang hotel. More than 300 council members around the country gathered to discuss the industry development plan. Director Wang Zhicai and Deputy Director Wang Zongli of Animal Husbandry Department of Ministry of Agriculture, and Executive Vice-President Li Xirong of China Animal Agriculture Association attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by the Executive Vice-President Li Xirong of China Animal Agriculture Association.

Deputy Secretary-General Yin Chengwen reported to the congress the work of CAAA in 2014. He pointed out, CAAA, following the Main Tasks of Animal Husbandry Industry in 2014 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and major decisions made by the board, in face of the negative shocks of recurrence of sporadic human infection with H7N9 virus, continuous decline of hog prices, increasing attention on food safety, increasing constraints on resources and environment, rising producing cost and fierce competition in the international market, under the leadership of MOA and Ministry of Civil Affairs and with great support from and active participation of the member companies, has fully implemented the various plans and gained anticipatory achievement. The achievements are as follows: First, CAAA has actively strengthened communication with government authorities, represented the industry interests, safeguarded the interests of members and provided good services; Second, CAAA has actively organized various activities to set up a platform for the member companies; Third, CAAA has paid great attention to propagating and information works, followed the trend and strengthen the application of new media; Fourth, CAAA has been carrying out the monitoring work of livestock and poultry delegated by MOA. Weekly, monthly, annual report was send to the government and members to help decision-making; Fifth, based on the industry and company requirement, training work are carried to expand network and achieve innovation; Sixth, foreign exchange and international cooperation has been carried out and English website improved. CAAA has received 25 batches of visitors, held 3 international forums and 9 batches of delegation going abroad. Seventh, Organization structure has been constantly improved to strengthen teamwork and improve CAAA??s management capability and coercion.

Deputy Secretary-General Yin Chengwen also proposed CAAA's work plan for 2015. He pointed out that, in 2015, CAAA will continue to uphold the mission of serving members, serving industry, serving government and serving the society in accordance with the requirements and deployment of the Ministry of Agriculture, to strengthen role in internal and external affairs, implement creative working ideas, effectively strengthen sense of responsibility, improve management mechanism, advocate self-discipline, safeguard industry interests. CAAA will follow the goals of establishing authoritative information system, building and improving exhibition platform, developing and enlarging member teams, foraging industry training system, and improving industry promotion system to carry out the 2015 work based on members, orient to the markets, and take industry information release as the means.

The meeting also reviewed and approved the motion to modify CAAA??s regulation , the change of board staff, proposals made by the members and the establishment of China Animal Husbandry Engineering Association.

Executive Vice President Li Xirong commented on the work of the Association. He pointed out that, the animal husbandry industry is in the critical period of transformation from traditional farming to modern animal husbandry restructuring. The development of animal husbandry will be a new trend. The consumption structure has changed significantly, from excessive waste and irrational spending to normal levels of consumption, leading to a new situation in supply and demand. CAAA should play an important role in the following tasks: First, to voice the demands of the industry and safeguard the interests of industry; Second, to strengthen livestock information system; Third, to carry out research activities, voice industry demands, safeguard industry interests, and write industry report; Fourth, develop members and enlarge teams; Fifth, strengthen international exchanges and enhance the international influence of China??s animal husbandry industry; Sixth, strengthen self-construction and  improve work efficiency.

Wang Zongli, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department of Ministry of Agriculture made a report on the review of China's Animal Husbandry industry in 2014 and the outlook. The speech consisted of five parts. Mr. Wang pointed out in his report that China's Animal Husbandry industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading and the development of the industry is facing various challenges. First, the balance of supply and demand is tight; Second, the production cost of animal husbandry products is higher; Third, the requirement to prevent and control animal disease is severe; Fourth, products safety and quality will be a persistent issue to handle; Fifth, construction of livestock and poultry breeds system is lagging behind; Sixth, the problem of environmental pollution is prominent; Seventh, support from science and technology is weak. Mr. Wang stressed that the work on animal husbandry industry should follow the main line of ensuring the supply livestock products in the construction of modern agriculture. Our work should make the promotion of standardized and scale farming as the start point, and products quality safety and ecological environment as the supporting foundation. Regional planning for the animal husbandry should be accelerated. An inclusive system covering standardized production, forage industry plus breed industry, modern feed industry, modern animal husbandry services, feed and livestock products quality and safety, ecological protection of grassland should be established to build the animal husbandry industry a developing, resources-saving, environment-friendly, quality and safe, and modern agriculture.


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