Poultry Delegation to Brazil and Argentina



From December 1 to 14, 2014, China Poultry Industry Association organized a delegation to Brazil and Argentina to inspect the poultry industry in these two countries. The aim of the visit is to learn and get to know the information on broiler breeding, slaughtering, processing, layer breeding, processing of egg products, as well as imports and exports in Brazil and Argentina. The delegation was led by Gong Guifen, Vice Secretary-General of CAAA. The 6-people delegation visited BRF, ABPA, NettoAlimentos, a supermarket and a private farm in Brazil and Argentina Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries, OVOPROT and a supermarket in Argentina.

Through this in-depth exchange of poultry industry with the South America counterparts, bilateral friendship and trust are established between the two sides. This visit created a good channel and provided a sound opportunity for the future communication. Besides, this visit provided a comprehensive platform to know the breeding, processing, health care technologies, innovative technologies, managerial expertise on poultry industry in South America, which is a good model for the domestic companies to follow.

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