Announcement on the Fourth Global Pig Forum and Thirteenth (2015) China Swine Industry Development Conference



The Central Economic Work Conference points out that the economic development is turning from high growth rate to medium one, entering the so-called New Normal. It also indicates that the economic development mode is changing from intensive growth geared by scale and speed to extensive growth promoted by quality and efficiency, economic structure moving from merely focusing on incremental expansion to a deepening restructuring by adjusting stock and optimizing increments, economic growth driven by new growth points instead of old ones. The prolonged recession of live pig prices in 2014 and the implementation of the National Regulation on the Livestock Waste Treatment, forced a number of backyard farmers, small companies, and enterprises failed to meet the environmental standard, withdraw from the pig industry, rendering a more intensified industry. Companies covering the whole industry are emerging, linking the upstream with the downstream. The Pig Circle (bull year intersecting with bear year) has been broken. The industry has entered into a small profit or even loss period. All of these call for a refined management, advanced equipment, talented teams based on qualified environment standard. Efficiency is required while pursuing higher productivity. Also, New Normal must be taken into consideration. Operators shall adapt to it while lead it, make continuous efforts to explore the countermeasures to promote a healthy and sustainable industry. In this regard, China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the Fourth Global Pig Forum and Thirteenth (2015) China Swine Industry Development Conference in Chongqing from May 15 to 17, 2015. The conference has already gained great support and active participation from government agencies and industry associations from Europe. Foreign representatives from ten countries including U.S., Canada, Britain, Germany and Denmark will attend the conference.
Worldwide pig related operators and people show concern to the industry are welcomed to join the conference, to make concerted efforts to contribute to the healthy, stable, sustainable development of the pig industry in China.

I. Time:
May 15 ?C 17, 2015 (Registration on May 15th)

II. Venue:
Chongqing Haiyu Hotspring Hotel (No. 198, Shuangyuan Road, Beibei District, Chongqing City)

III. Theme:
Accelerate Transformation, Innovate Development, Strengthen Internal Strength, Face External Challenge

IV. Agenda
1. New Results on Animal Nutrition and Genetic Breeding at Home and Abroad
2. New Refined Management Expertise at Home and Abroad
3. New Environment Control Equipment and Animal Welfare at Home and Abroad
4. New Environmental Protection Equipment and Rational Scale Development at Home and Abroad

V. Conference Promotion
The conference marks the fourth global pig event. It is the best exchange platform boasting of China??s pig industry and worldwide advanced pig farming standard. It is also the best opportunity to learn the world's most advanced technology, promote corporate image, show strength, expand awareness and release news. The Organizing Committee provide various forms of propaganda, e.g., Diamond sponsors, Platinum sponsors, Gold sponsors, Silver Sponsors, Session sponsors, Banquet Sponsors, Gift Sponsors.

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