International Alfalfa Congress


To further strengthen technical and trading cooperation with developed alfalfa regions and Silk Road countries, exchange experience, share resources and information, and improve the level of globalization, commercialization and informatization of alfalfa industry, China Grassland Association, after discussing with CIDE and NAFA, decides to host the first International Alfalfa Congress in China. This conference gained great support from the associations and companies from Italy, Spain, France, America, Argentina and Saudi Arabia. Representative personage and companies from these countries will join us in the congress and exhibition.

I. Time: October 25 ?C 27, 2015

II. Venue: Bengbu Howard Johnson Nanshan Plaza

III. Theme: Innovation, Interaction, Cooperation, Win-Win

IV. Organizer
Host: China Grassland Association of CAAA
Supporter: Commission Intersyndicale de Deshydrateurs Européens (CIDE)
National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance of USA (NAFA)
Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuariaa of Argentina (INTA)

V. Conference Highlights
• Basic Information about the World's Leading Alfalfa Countries
• Alfalfa Science and Technology
• Alfalfa Ecological Function and Utilization
• Industry Development Policies, Management and Industry Model
• Prospects for Alfalfa Development and International Cooperation

VI. Conference Content
1. Specially-Invited Reports
Current Alfalfa Situation in China, Europe, U.S.A. and Argentina

2. Main Session
Alfalfa Production, Processing, Management and Organization Form in China, U.S.A, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Germany

3. Breakout Sessions
• Alfalfa Production and Processing
• Alfalfa and Animal Nutrition
• Alfalfa, GMO and Environmental Protection

4. Excursion and Demo
• Purple Pasture (alfalfa growth, alfalfa processing, silage making, bio-fertilizer)
• Modern Farming (dairy cattle farms, milk production, manure treatment, biogas circulation)

5. Exhibition
• Company Identity and Brand Show
• Fair on Grass Seed, Grass Products and Grass Equipment
• Fair on Pesticides, Fertilizer and Other Means of Production

VII. Agenda
October 24 Registration
October 25 Specially-Invited Reports, Main Session
October 26 Breakout Sessions
October 27 Excursion and Demo
October 28 Post-Tour

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