Announcement on the Seventh China Layer Industry Conference



Over the past two years, China's economy has been under downward pressure and has entered the so-called new Normal. Great changes have taken place in the development pattern of animal husbandry industry, with slow growth rate of livestock consumption. The industry meets various imminent challenges, putting the management of livestock companies at stake. As a sector taking shape at the early stage of the animal husbandry industry, the layer industry is mulling over ways to integrate resources to improve efficiency and make breakthrough through sustainable development in face of the new situation. In order to discuss the various factors affecting the New Normal, encourage the industry to engage in self-imposed readjustment, make innovation, improve the production standard and make new breakthrough through sustainable development, China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the Seventh (2015) China Layer Industry Development Conference in Chengdu City, Sichuan in June, 2015. Related official leaders, famous entrepreneurs, experts will be invited to share with the participants the macro-policies, laws and regulations, business operation experiences, production technologies. Besides, the conference aims to build a platform for extensive exchange and communication, to seek a business model that suits its own condition while seizing sound opportunity even amid adverse situation.

I. Time: June 23-25, 2015 (Registration on June 23)

II. Venue: Chengdu Jingniu Hotel

III. Theme: New Normal, New Thoughts, New Breakthrough

IV. Contents

A. Forum

  • Seize Macro Situation, Adapt to Industry New Normal
  • Share Business Experience, Seek Business New Thoughts
  • Make Technology Innovation, Make New Breakthrough in Production Efficiency

B. Interaction

C. New Products Release

D. Company Visit

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