2015 CAHE to Remember



After many days of intense preparation, the Thirteenth (2015) China Animal Husbandry Expo kicks off in Chongqing International Expo Center at 8:00 on May 18. Early in the morning, the square outside the registration hall has already been crowded with people, showing their full support for the expo with eager face.

Large Scale
This expo occupies an area of 120,000 square meters with 5107 booths. More than 1,200 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions attended the expo. The percentage of foreign exhibitors reached a record high of 15.1%. Besides, this expo has also attracted many embassies and international organizations. As always, some of the international organizations organize exhibition delegation to take part in the expo, such as the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Britain, Canada, the United States, Germany and beyond. The products on show is of wide range, covering almost the entire chain of the livestock sector: breeding companies on pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep, rabbits, deer, camels; technology companies on animal health, feed, machinery; animal products; information, technology and service companies as well. In short, everything related to animal husbandry will be seen here.

Many Highlights
Based on the traditional exhibitions, the organizer also set a variety of live events on the spot. One-week, Ten Day, Hundreds of Forums comes back again. More than 20 activities have been unveiled all the way from the N1-N8 pavilion to the Central Multi-purpose Hall and to the North Registration Hall square during the 3-day exhibition. Fun activities, a wealth of knowledge, delicious food, and generous gifts are waiting for the participants. Lo! there are creative paintings on the body of cattle, prime and fresh succulent beef; lovely painting on the body of pigs, as well as modern farms by Yushi Group; trolley case, cowboy hat; hot dogs , beverages, coffee and dessert; badminton, table tennis, as well as band performances; conferences, forums, salons, technical seminars, etc. What a colorful expo!

Modern Technology
We are in an era of "wisdom expo". The organizer makes it its priority to create an expo full of wisdom. A variety of modern mobile devices and APPs are seen everywhere around the expo, embodying the modern facet of the expo. Transmitting messages through Wechat App and scanning two-dimensional code have become beautiful landscapes during the 3-day expo. The modern technology, has not only influenced the expo, but also changed the way exhibitors make their exposure.

Enjoyable Expo
Every detail arranged has put the exhibitors and visitors at the center in order to maximize the satisfaction of the fairgoers. The 2015 expo provides not only professional fair, enriched activities, but also convenient meal ticket and water coupon. Except for Organizer Serving Desk, Exhibitor Registration Desk, Visitor Registration Desk, participants can find Information Desk every 50m on the visiting path. The organizer also offers pick-up and seeing-off at the airport and commuter service. Besides, afflicted facilities are comprehensive, like supermarkets, restaurants, police station, clinic, train tickets booking office, baby room, public drinking water equipment, information kiosk, Mailroom, ATMs, business center, etc..

Today, fairgoing is no longer a simple visiting or exhibiting experience, but also an enjoyable journey of the hospitality and convenience of expo.

Crowded Visitors
According to the latest statistics, visitors reached nearly 50,000 and exhibitors 2.5 million just on the first day of expo.


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