Bengbu Ushers in the First International Alfalfa Congress



The First International Alfalfa Congress was successfully held in Bengbu. About 830 people attended the conference, and 140 are foreign friends from U.S, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, France, and Argentina.

Based on the theme of Innovation, Interaction, Cooperation and Win-win, the conference explored questions related to alfalfa planting and development, aiming at promoting both alfalfa and dairy industry.

I. Leading Guests
Government officials and honorable guests attending the conference are: 
Mr. Liu Chengguo, Honorary President of Dairy Association of China and Former Deputy Minister of MOA  
Mr. He Xintian, CPC Party Secretary of National Animal Husbandry Service
Mr. Bai Jingming, Mayor of Bengbu City
Mr. Yun Xujiang, Deputy Director of National Animal Husbandry Service
Mr. Dong Weixing, Director of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of Anhui Province
Mr. Wang Kun, Secretary-General of Chinese Grassland Society
Mr. Yin Chengwen, Deputy Secretary-General of China Animal Agriculture Association
Ms. Yu Jie, Assistant Secretary-General of China Animal Agriculture Association
Dr. Lu Xinshi, President of China Grassland Association
Mr. Deng Jiuqiang, Councilor of Purple Pasture       
Ms. Gao Lina, CEO of Modern Farming
Mr. Ronald Cornish, NAFA Chairman       
Mr. Eric Guillemot, CIDE Secretary-General     
Dr. Daniel Basigalup, INTA Researcher
Mr. VERZEAUX Jean-Pol, President of Coop de France D??shydratation 
Mr. Joaquin Capistros Moreu, Director of the Asociaci??n Española de Fabricantes de Alfalfa Deshidratada (AEFA) 
Mr. Roland Hofmockel, Managing Director of Bundesfachverband Landwirtschaftlicher  Trocknungswerke Deutschland eV
Mr. Eiko Jan Duursema, Director of VNG Holland

II. Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony is presided over by Deputy Secretary-General Yin Chengwen. CPC Party Secretary of National Animal Husbandry Service He Xintian, Mayor Bai Jingming, Councilor Deng Jiuqiang of Purple Pasture and CEO Gao Lina of Modern Farming made the opening remarks. 
Mr. He pointed out that although the alfalfa conference has already become an industry brand and a platform for the insiders to share business operation experience, explore planting and processing technologies, exchange market and trade information and integrate technologies with industry, we still need to be broad-minded, innovative and make more efforts to pursue further development and cooperation. We shall follow closely the One Belt and One Road strategy issued by the central government and make full play the role of forage in animal husbandry.
Mr. Bai said that Bengbu locates at the gateway from South to North in China. With so many industry elites gathering in Bengbu to exchange alfalfa growing experience and discuss matters of vital importance, it would be a very treasurable learning experience. He hoped that the science and technologies can be transferred into realistic productivity and make more contribution to the animal husbandry industry as a whole. 
Mr. Deng mentioned that China is a country with big population. Food supply is no longer a problem. China is entering into a society calling for diversified nutrients. Meat, egg and milk will be the major foods for the Chinese people. As a new comer in forage industry, China enjoys special advantages to integrate the whole industry chain to make new breakthrough in producing quality milk. 
Ms. Gao said the Modern Farming Group has built 27 large-scale farms (more than 10,000 heads) with an inventory of 220,000 heads. The forage plantation being contracted with the dairy farms reaches to 800,000mu (1 mu = 1/15 ha). We built the processing company in the farm, which is in turn integrated to forage plantation. We can guaranteen a self-supplied industry chain, with no seam in between., She said.
Mr. Liu pointed out that, due to the fast development of the alfalfa industry, a new industrialized road has been established in China. We need increase the growing of quality forage and grain feed, adjust the planting structure to build a tertiary structure based on grain crop, cash crop and forage crop. We need push the integration of farming with animal husbandry, and lead the transformation of the dairy industry, to boost up a healthy development of forage industry.

After the opening ceremony, specially-invited personages from China, U.S. Argentina and Europe made presentations in turn.

III. Presentations
1. Specially-Invited Presentations
Dr. Lu Xinshi of China Grassland Association made a speech entitled ??China Grassland Association and Alfalfa Industry. He gave an introduction of China Grassland Association, China Animal Agriculture Association and its responsibilities, the current status and trend of alfalfa industry in China.

Ronald Cornish, NAFA Chairman, also introduced the role of NAFA in US. NAFA was founded in 2006. It is an umbrella organization with forage producers and suppliers as the main membership. NAFA provides training program to its membership. The objective of NAFA is to let all stakeholders to reach consensus and effectively protect the interests of the alliance in the global forage market. 
Mr. Eric Guillemot from CIDE also gave a brief introduction of its member states. He said there is no GMO in the European alfalfa and quality is always met. The high quality forage in Europe is ready to meet the requirement of the needing countries. 
Mr. Daniel Basigalup from INTA said that the alfalfa industry in Argentina is a very important project. There are about 3.7 million hectares of alfalfa land in Argentina. 500 varieties have been registered, and 130 have been used in the market. Argentina is also free from GMO. Mr. Daniel hoped to reach global consensus on alfalfa trade to guide a healthy development of the industry.

Mr. Yun Xujiang, Deputy Director of National Animal Husbandry Service illustrated the importance of seed in alfalfa industry.
Chief Scientist Zhang Yingjun of National Forage Industry Technology System reviewed the work of his system and shared his own thoughts on development of Chinese alfalfa during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan period.

2. Main Session
During this session, we have speakers from China, U.S. France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Argentina to share their views on the production, processing, operation and organization of alfalfa industry in each country. The speakers gave an in-depth analysis on the alfalfa industry from the perspective of dairy industry, distinctive production characters, local association organization, economy analysis, equipment backup and etc.

3. Breakout Sessions
The breakout sessions is divided into three parts, namely, alfalfa production and processing, alfalfa and animal nutrients, alfalfa and safety management, which gave us a panoramic view of the alfalfa industry. The discussion part of the eco-technology and safety management pushes the congress into another climax with insightful invited speakers and active question-askers. 

Forum One: Alfalfa Production and Processing

Forum Two: Alfalfa and Animal Nutrients

Forum Three: Alfalfa, Environment and Safety Management

The two-day congress extended an extensive discussion on the current problem of the industry and tried to find a solution to blaze a new track of alfalfa development mode.

III. Exhibition
The exhibition ground occupies an area of 500 square meters, with 33 companies attending the exhibition. Many new products, brands, equipment and technologies were being exhibited.

IV. Excursion
About 830 people visited Purple Pasture and Modern Farming. Many visitors said highly of the visit, and consider the two companies as exemplary industry development models.

The conference has attracted more than 1000 people. 830 people are registered congress people. Foreign participants account for 17% of the whole population. China, Spain, France, Germany and Italy are the five major countries.

We would pay great tribute to the domestic and foreign media for the coverage of the conference. 
We would also like to thank the proceedings providers who have send to us about 60 articles. 
The conference also made an all-round publicity by making full use of the banners, logo wall, and trusses.

As the first international alfalfa congress, the congress is of great importance. We would like to thank MOA, National Animal Husbandry Service, Bengbu Government, China Dairy Industry, Chinese Grassland Society, CIDE, NAFA, INTA for their great support for the congress.
Preparing a congress of this size is never easy. Before the conference, the organizing committee visited the venue and hold meeting several times to solicit suggestions and find ideas. We keep track of the alfalfa industry closely and try to find out the new problems and new requirement of the industry that might be interesting to all the participants. For the agenda itself, we had held more than 20 meetings to settle the final speakers. The demo in the alfalfa field also won much compliment from the participants and many exhibitors have gained business contract on the spot, which is really a good beginning. 
It's a congress on the fast bullet train track. We are full of good memory and fine expectation. It is our hope that the industry could take full advantage of the conference and usher in a brighter future. 
Let's looking forward to the next international alfalfa congress together.


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