The Seventh Session of the Third Council Congress



On Dec. 22, 2015, The Seventh Session of the Third Council Congress was held solemnly in Beijing. About 300 representatives attended the congress. Director Ma Youxiang of MOA, Deputy Director Wang Junxun of MOA, Li Xirong, Standing President of CAAA, and Secretary-General He Xintian attended the conference too.

Director Ma made a speech during the conference entitled Interpretation of The Thirteenth Five-Year-Plan: Analysis on the Development Strategy of Animal Husbandry in the New Norm. He pointed out that there are four progresses in animal husbandry that should be mentioned. The four points are relative ample productivity, vibrant development engine, modern productivity, and sustained and controllable quality and security system. In spite of the progress being made, there are still some problems, like extensive farming, backward technologies, and low industrialization. Mr. Ma also summarized the situation of animal husbandry industry in 2015 in two sentences. First, the industry is adjusting in a stable transformation and optimizing in adjustment. Second, small-scale farm dropped out in rapid pace, while production efficiency and faculty professionalism is gradually increasing and the industrialization is gaining momentum. There are also two new characters in animal husbandry industry: marginal efficiency is increasing in the downward industry while marginal efficiency is decreasing in the upward industry; the market tends to be rational to price fluctuation. In retrospect of the industry history, there are three stages of development. The first is before the new century when the industry was gaining great yield. The second stage is the past ten years when quality and production were given an equal attention. The third stage starts at the Thirteenth Five-Year-Plan, which emphasizes Modernization and Sustainability.

There are four questions that the industry should pay attention to during the Thirteenth Five-year-plan, downward market requirement, environment concern, international competition, and productivity. To realize modernization, the task is heavy. The following ten tasks are imminent: promote fodder development; manure treatment and utilization (70% of treatment); turn straw into fodder (34% of usage);Scale farming (50%); breakthrough in breeding; milk quality improvement through forage development; forage production through special factory; investment in grassland to protect ecosystem; scientific innovation; and accurate statistic work.  

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