First China Wool Rabbit Industry Development Conference solemnly held in Shengzhou City



On March 19, The First China Wool Rabbit Industry Development Conference kicked off in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province. About 500 people from 17 provinces attended the rabbit event.

Shengzhou is a demo city in Zhejiang province for wool rabbit. It is also the main producing area in South China, boasting of 600 thousand inventories by 30 thousand operators. Each year, about 500 thousand bunnies were produced. Wool production in Shengzhou reaches to 1000t, with annual returns staying at 250 million yuan. The Baizhongbai local breed of Chengzhou has a large body size and each could produce 2kg of wool every year. The rabbit breeding technology in Chengzhou is recognized as of international standard.
Except for forums, the conference also set up exhibition, electric wool shearing competition, breeds auction and company visiting.


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