The 4th Global Broiler Forum and the 5th China White Broiler Industry Development Conference


Conference Introduction

May 15th -17th, 2016 Shenyang, China

Be Rational, Intensive Processing, Consumption Stimulation, Orderly Development

Ever since 2012, white broiler industry has been suffering losses, and 2015 can be called the worst in recent 30 years. With adjustment in production capacity, major livestock like swine and layer get out of the red, showing evident characteristics of industry cyclical fluctuations. However, the whiter broiler industry, relatively supposed to be the most competitive in the international market because of its high level automatization and standardization, rapid development and large scale, is still suffering from difficult situation.
We have to admit that the white broiler industry is confronting with lots of problems, all industry practitioners should calm down and think over the current situation and future development. We need to strengthen our communication with consumers and public media to avoid those misunderstanding in poultry industry, guide and educate them towards right knowledge about chicken meat, which is of high protein, low fat, low calorie and low cholesterol. From domestic perspective, consumption of livestock products is increasing slowly now, from international perspective, trade and local industry is influenced substantially by the avian influenza.
In 2015, two new regulations came into effect, i.e. the new Environment Protection Law and the Food Safety Law, both indicate the determination to push forward a sustainable agriculture economic development and build a food safety supervision system that covers the whole industry chain.
Thus, ways to integrate different resources to improve productive efficiency, achieve new break-through in sustainable development needs to be figured out urgently. Thus, we China Animal Agriculture Association, together with National Broiler Industry Technology System, decide to hold the 4th Global Broiler Forum and 5th China White Broiler Industry Development Conference in Shenyang, Liaoning Province in May of 2016. Broiler-related people at home and abroad will be invited to attend the conference and the forum. We sincerely welcome broiler people and people who show concern to the industry to join the conference and the forum.

1. Organizing Committee

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association
Host:China Poultry Industry Association, CAAA
National Broiler Industry Technology System
U.S. Soybean Export Council
U.S. Grains Council
China Broiler Alliance, CAAA

2. Program

Date: May 16-18
May 15th: Registration
May 16th, Morning: Opening Ceremony, Presentations and Interactive exchange
Afternoon: Presentations and Interactive exchange

Evening, Welcome Reception
May 17th, Morning: Presentations and Interactive exchange
Afternoon: Presentations, Movie Show

Hotel: Liaoning Mansion 

Add: NO.105, Huanghe South St, Huanggu District, Shenyang, China

Conference Language:
Conference speeches will be conducted in both English and Chinese with simultaneous translation.


The forum covers industry development situation and future tendency, policies, chicken meat consumption, production and operation, practical experience, innovation conception, technic management, disease control, nutrition demand and etc.

Part One: Industry Policies Interpretation and Micro-Situation Analysis

  1. Views on broiler industry development in China based on the 13th Five year plan, speeding up transformation of development mode, pushing forward a modernized broiler industry
  2. Current supply, consumption and development trend of animal protein under new economic normal in China
  3. Authoritative interpretation on the new Food Safety Law
  4. Global avian influenza's situation, impact, prevention and control measures
  5. Analysis on global supply and demand of corn, soybean and the future trend
  6. Access mechanism for importing livestock products in EU
  7. Access mechanism and requirement for importing livestock products by FDA of America
  8. Innovation and application of battery cages for broiler, no worry for animal welfare

Part Two: Development of International Broiler Industry

  1. New development and technology in global broiler breeding
  2. Organizational structure of American poultry operations, slaughter house-centric profit model
  3. American's experience on poultry products consumption and promotion
  4. Brazilian poultry company's product research and brand building
  5. Thai's experience on poultry industry development

Part Three: Development of Chinese Broiler Industry

  1. Breeding direction and development of self-owned white broiler breeds in China
  2. Latest development of broiler production efficiency and scientific achievements in China
  3. Current situation and future perspective of Chinese broiler industry
  4. Be rational, time to re-recognize the white broiler industry, enterprises need to control production and be self-disciplined to realize orderly development
  5. Land needs good quality poultry manure, combination of farming and planting, the only way to develop an environmentally friendly livestock farming

Park Four: Chicken Meat Processing, Marketing and Consumer Education

  1. New technologies, technics and methods on chicken meat processing
  2. Consumers' view on chicken meat related food safety issues
  3. Innovation in channels of chicken meat consumption, Internet connected with broiler operations
  4. Access mechanism for poultry meat suppliers in catering industry
  5. Requirements on chicken meat purchasing and service in catering industry

Part Five: Others

  1. Epidemic characteristics and new thoughts on prevention and control of broiler related diseases
  2. Variation in broiler feed nutrition demand
  3. New technologies application in broiler industry

Preliminary Program (To be announced)

3. Registration

Registration Fees, 300USD per person

Registration fees include all conference sessions and materials, meals, all coffee/tea breaks and conference souvenir.

Download Registration Form

Attendees need to complete the Registration Form and make payments to CAAA according to the bank information described below. Please send the completed registration form by e-mail to: lvshuyan@caaa.cn or fax to +86 10 58677825.

Bank Information
A/C No.: 349356022214
ADD: No, A1, Shuguang Xili,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China
SWIFT code: BKCH CN BJ 110

4. Sponsorship

We warmly welcome enterprises and public institutions to be sponsors or co-organizers of this forum.

The organizing committee will provide individual-targeted advertisement service to the sponsoring enterprises through the internet, the journal Ad and etc.
Sponsorship Opportunities: Diamond Sponsor, Platinum Sponsor, Golden Sponsor, Silver Sponsor

Download Sponsorship program

5. Hotel Accommodation

Hotel: Liaoning Mansion

The organizing committee will arrange the accommodation but on the participants' own expense, all participants have to pay the accommodation fee to the hotel when check in.

Room Type



Standard Room

330 Yuan

2 beds, 1 complimentary breakfast

Standard Room

368 Yuan

2 beds, 2 complimentary breakfast

Single Room

330 Yuan

1 bed, 1 complimentary breakfast

Single Room

368 Yuan

1 bed, 2complimentary breakfast

6. Transportation

Get here by Air

Shenyang Taoxian International Airport is about 30km away from the hotel, you can take a taxi for about 50 minutes to arrive here.

Get here by Rail

There are 2 railway stations in Shenyang, i.e.
Shenyang Railway Station, 6.9km from the hotel;
Shenyang North Railway Station, 4.5km from the hotel.

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Contact persons:
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