Grassland Association Meets With Canadian Forage & Grassland Association Delegation



On March 21, 2016, President Lu Xinshi of China Grassland Association (CGA) met with Canadian Forage & Grassland Association (CFGA) Delegation who was in China to market timothy hay.

By giving a brief introduction of CGA and its interaction with its member companies, as well as the upcoming event, Ms Ailin, Director of CGA helped the guest to get a preliminary idea who we are and what we do.

President Lu spoke highly of the Canadian embassy and CFGA for their role in helping the industry to tap new market. He expressed that CGA is willing to serve as a bridge to deepen China-Canada cooperation on grassland areas. He acknowledge that timothy has a high nutrition value and digestibility (NDF: 35%, ADF: 23%, RFV: 80%-90%) in scientific area. But as a new product, it is imperative for the canadian counterparts to carry out consumer education in the potential market, and prove the product has irreplaceable nutrition value through research and development in local farms.

(George, Head of CFGA Delegation, on the first right )

George, head of CFGA Delegation expressed gratitude to President Lu??s support for CFGA's work, and said that he would like to maintain close communication with CGA. He also expressed his interest to take part in the exhibition in this year's Grassland Conference in Qinghai Province.

(Ms. Yuan Ping, Trade Commissioner of Embassy of Canada, On the First Right)

Both sides also exchanged views on maintaining bilateral exchanges, deepening practical cooperation in alfalfa fields and other crops. Yuan Ping, Trade Commissioner of Embassy of Canada also attended the meeting.


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