CAAA Attends AEFA Beijing Reception Dinner



Deputy Secretary-General Yin Chengwen and President Lu Xinshi attended the AEFA Beijing Reception Dinner of the Spanish Alfalfa Entering China, which was held in Parnas Hall in Sanlitun on April 24, 2016. Director Ailin and Zhang Guang??an accompanied them to the event.

Left: Prof. Lu, President of China Grassland Association
Middle: Mr. Ernesto Rios Lopez, Commercial Counsellor of Embassy of Spain,
Right: Mr. Yin Chengwen, Deputy Secretary-General of CAAA

Commercial Counsellor Ernesto Rios Lopez and Almudena Minguez Matorras of Embassy of Spain, Chairman Rafael Rubio Navarro-Reverter and Director Joaquin Capistros Moreu of AEFA, attended and addressed the event.

The initiative was organized by ARAGON Exterior and ASOCIACION ESPANOLA DE FABRICANTES DE ALFALFA DESHIDRATADA (AEFA), to help establish confidence in Spanish dehydrated alfalfa, share dairy cattle feeding techniques, and market the muti-function of alfalfa for pigs, rabbit, camel and etc.

Dr. Almudena Minguez Matorras addressed the meeting entitled "Spanish alfalfa entering China"

Chairman Rafael Rubio Navarro-Reverter presided over the meeting.
Dr. Almudena Minguez Matorras from Embassy of Spain addressed the meeting. She highlighted the advantages and inspection procedure of Spanish dehydrated alfalfa by reviewing the past, present and future of alfalfa exportation to China.

Prof. lu retrospected China-Spain and CAAA-AEFA relationship in the past four years, and said that alfalfa is a bridge of friendship between China and Spain. He also acknowledged Spain's effort in exporting its alfalfa to China, and expressed his support of this initiative and reiterating CAAA's willingness to strengthen cooperation with Spanish alfalfa sectors.

Prof. Lu is addressing the meeting.

Pablo Llorente, dairy cattle nutritionist and Spanish National Science and Research Committee consultant compared the dehydrated alfalfa with suncured alfalfa through various experiment indexes. He maintained that dehydrated alfalfa would decrease the degradation of protein in the rumen. To get a better feed intake, it is best to have the right sequence to mix the ratio and have the right size.  

Prof. Pablo Llorente

About 50 Chinese and Spanish alfalfa experts and operators attended the reception dinner.


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