Traceability system of producing and managing of bee products


As reported, the regulation of bee products managements, country standard was officially released. This is another country standard about quality of bee products after the country standard of honey.

People from this industry all consider that if the honey country standard is to guarantee the safety of products from the end, this regulation is to ensure the safety of products from the headstream and strict on the processing management. Beekeeping bases are the first place of bee products; therefore, to ensure the bee product quality, first step is quite important. The Secretary-General from Professional Committee of China's royal jelly Bee Products Association Chen Minghu said: bee products were influenced by the environmental condition a lot; its producing plants were not only in the workshop, but also in the field, beekeeping bases and transportation. The factors influencing bee products safety include environment, equipment, and medicine and so on. The regulation sets definite standard for all those aspects.

Of particular concern is the establishment of the traceability system, which requires real, clear, identifiable records, and the records should be kept for 3 years, in order to deal with or recall unsafe bee products.

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