Live pigs supplied to Hong Kong directly for the first time and achieve a historic breakthrough


On Nov. 11, as Hainan agriculture bureau said, Hainan Luoxing livestock Co., Ltd.exported live pigs to Hong Kong directly for 11 times with 1312 heads, which achieves a historic breakthrough. In recent years, due to the constant development of Hainan live pig breeding industry, Hainan changed its situation in pig breeding, from shortage to saturation, currently, the supply of live pigs in Hainan has become overstock. Therefore, some companies try to find other markets beyond Hainan, some large-scale integrated breeding companies even pay attention to Hong Kong market which demands high in quality. Until now, Haikou Luoniushan pig farm, Luoniushan Cang Long pig farm and Luoxing livestock Co., Ltd., 3 enterprises have already passed strict export registration, with the qualifications to export live pigs to Hong Kong.

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