National Husbandry People's Carnival


Since the issuance of the Twelfth Five-year Plan, the state has implemented a series of preferential agricultural policies ?? which helps to promote the husbandry industry, keep a sustained and peaceful development and improve the status of agriculture in economy. Remarkable husbandry achievement, steady production growth, visible efficiency increase, quality improvement in tandem with return to rational price, in effect, help to meet the requirements of the urban and rural citizens for husbandry products. As part of the effort to fulfill the ambitious goal set in the Twelfth Five-year Plan to accelerate the husbandry industry and promote a healthy and sustainable development of China husbandry industry, China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the 11 th China Animal Husbandry Expo (CAHE) in Wuhan International Expo Center from May 18-20, 2013.

CAHE, in its ten-year of growing up, has already become one of the most important husbandry exhibitions, famous for its inclusiveness and scale. For the past ten years, the exhibition has witnessed a constant enrichment of content, enlarged scale, increasing number of exhibitors and audiences, stronger influence, and improved capability of making exhibition brand more widespread at speed. To meet this drastic change, the organizing committee decides to upgrade the former ??China Animal Husbandry Exhibition?? to ??China Animal Husbandry Expo?? since 2013. 2013 CAHE will capitalize on the marketing approach to build a platform for communication and exchange for insiders, a platform for trade and product display, a platform to share and promote hi-tech, a platform to introduce and maintain images of brands, and a platform to share and converge information. With the influx of information, CAHE helps to provide the government with policy-making reference, manufacturer with promotion market, industry upgrade with supporting services, sustainable industry development with creative ideas, new perspectives and propulsive power, and gear the industry to develop in a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable way. In its efforts to strengthen effective connection among related industry chains and carry out communication and study across the international husbandry market, CAHE tries to introduce the industry situation and achievement through professional designing style of international standard, to promote husbandry culture to the mass, to further boost the husbandry industry and social and economic development in a comprehensive way, to realize the extension of value, and to share the fruitful results achieved by the CAHE in its way to create a Career and Wealth Commonwealth.

The 11 th CAHE will carry on the fine experience of the past ten exhibitions, and continue to incorporate two famous tradeshow into the Expo ?C ??Animal Products Fair??, ??Bio-energy Show??. In terms of content, the set of activities such as forum, conference, and technical workshop will be enriched, such as ??Awarding Banquet for the China Animal Husbandry Industry and the CAHE??, ??The Third Global Pig Forum??, ??The Sixth (2013) China Layer Industry Development Conference??, ??Theme Day (Poultry Day, Pig Day, Animal Health Day, Feed Day, etc.)??, ??Hundreds of Counties' Investment Solicitation Negotiation Conference??, ??Thousands of Buyer's Professional Procurement Delegation??, ??Ten Thousands of Job Hunters' Fair??, ??Special Press Conference?? and ??Exhibitors' PK??. All the activities are aimed at linking the exhibitors with the audiences effectively, and promoting the exhibition pattern - ??Animal Husbandry Carnival??. By pioneering new route, intensifying publicity efforts, improving means of service, China Animal Agriculture Association aims to create a comprehensive expo to promote husbandry culture, popularize science, foster communication and cooperation, publicize new products, new technologies, new model, and boost industry development.

Hubei , the place where the 2013 Wuhan CAHE is to be held, is a big husbandry farming province with a long history and national reputation. Except for fine husbandry resources, high productivity, good environment, the province also enjoys a great momentum of husbandry industry development and high standard of scale farming. As an important transport hub in the middle east of China , Wuhan boasts great potential in market capacity and radiating capability, solid industry foundation, great science and technology strength, convenient transportation, long history in trade, rich culture, all of which constitute good backups for the 2013 expo. Not only the exhibitors can learn advanced experience from Hubei in its development of husbandry industry, but also publicize company image and products to Hubei husbandry people and consumers in this economic developed region, with Wuhan as its center.

This expo will continue to uphold the principle of ??Service begins at the time of your registration??. CAAA will offer to exhibitors an all-journey service before the expo, during the expo, and after the expo, in order to meet the exhibitor's requirement to the best of its ability. Chinese and foreign Husbandry and related enterprises, government units, related associations and individuals interested in husbandry are all welcomed to join 2013 CAHE.
Organizing Committee:

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association

Supporter: Ministry of Commerce

??????????????Department of Animal Husbandry, MOA

??????????????Bureau of Veterinary, MOA

Sponsor: Soliciting??

Schedule of Events:

Stand Construction: May 15-17, 2013 (Standard Booth on May 17)

Expo: May 18-20, 2013 (Opening ceremony on Friday morning, May 19; Business Negotiation Day on May 18, when exhibitors and online registered audiences enjoy free access, while non-registered audiences must enter with tickets; Industry Open Day on May 19 and 20 when all the exhibitors and audiences all enjoy free access. )

Husbandry Week: May 16-22, 2013 (a package of activities including forums, conferences and technique workshops)

Theme Day: May 18-22, 2013 (Theme Day including Poultry Day, Pig Day, Animal Health Day, Feed Day and etc.)


Wuhan International Expo Center (No. 619, Yingtao Street , Hanyang, Wuhan City , Hubei Province)

Who should attend?

Chinese and foreign companies, organizations and individuals engaged in Husbandry Farming (breeding livestock and business livestock farming), Feed (feed raw material, feed additives and etc.) Husbandry-related industry (forage, veterinary drugs, vaccine, animal health products and etc.), Machinery (husbandry machine, Feed machine, and processing equipments), Quality Husbandry Products (meat, egg, milk, fur and wool, and other by-products), Innovative Husbandry and Feed Technology (new products, new achievements, patented products), Core State Breeding Farm, Demo Farm of Scale, Bio-energy, Comprehensive Husbandry Service, Industry Media, and all the products, information and service in the different phase of the whole industry chain should attend.

•  Husbandry farming and other means of production in China and foreign countries (breeding livestock and poultry, business livestock and poultry including like pig, poultry, cattle, sheep, goat, rabbit, deer, camel, fur animal, animal for special purpose and etc.)

•  Veterinary drugs, vaccine, animal health products, machines, facilities, material for producing, processing or packing veterinary drugs, veterinary instruments

•  Feed (feed raw material, feed additives, feed additive premix, concentrated feed, compound feed, specific feed), machinery and accessories for feed processing, feed quality inspection instruments, microcomputer controlled system and related software and hardware, feed formula technologies, feed science and technologies

•  Machinery, instruments, facilities, tool, projects related to husbandry farming and products producing (feeding machine, ventilation equipment, temperature-control equipment, environment-control equipment, design and engineering project of scale farms,

•  Grass and other deep processed products (grass meal, grass pellets), forage seed, forage machinery, grass technology)

•  Quality husbandry products (meat, egg, milk, fur and wool products); processing and cooling equipments of husbandry products, traceability system, food security inspection instruments

•  Innovative Husbandry and Feed Technology (new products, new achievements, patented products)

•  Bio-energy (related technologies or equipments)

•  Packaging and transport (material for packaging livestock products and related products, packaging equipment and related transporting equipment, e.g. feed carrier, pig carrier, young bird carrier and etc. )

•  Comprehensive Husbandry Service (Information, media, software, science and technology, consultancy, finance, insurance, training, labor protection clothing ?C including CBRN suit)

•  Core State Breeding Farm, Demo Farm of Scale, Top 100 Merit Animal Husbandry Enterprises, and Farmer's Professional Cooperatives in local areas
Stand Distribution

The distribution of the stands is centered on the Breeding companies, each of which are, in turn, surrounded by companies engaged in related industry chain, upper or lower of the link. The layout of the stands takes the industry concentration and mutual connection into consideration. Different Halls are set up to meet this requirement: Large Enterprises Group Hall; Comprehensive Hall; Pig Hall; Poultry Hall; Top 100 Company Hall; Cattle, Sheep, Rabbit, Deer, and Camel Hall; Feed Hall; Grass Hall; Animal Health, Veterinary Drug, and Vaccine Hall; Equipment and Machinery Hall; International Hall; Bio-energy Hall; Brand Livestock Products Hall; Livestock Processing and Cold Storage Hall; Packaging and Transporting Hall; Finance, Information, Consultancy, and Service Hall.

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