Wheel of Fortune Bonus and Animal Nutrition & Safety Knowledge


Wheel of Fortune Bonus and Animal Nutrition & Safety Knowledge

In recent years, ??Ractopamine-fed pigs??, ??Sudan Red in eggs?? and ??Sanlu milk?? scandals stirred the industry one after another, which arouses wide concern from the consumers on food safety issues. How to gradually improve animal welfare standard and safeguard food quality and safety at the outset of the industry chain, in order to guarantee the regular nutrition supply to the animals; safe meat, egg, milk and other food to the consumers; sound health of the people; and healthy development of the industry are the issues facing the whole industry.

The 2012 Nanjing Animal Nutrition & Safety Day won general industry approbation, which laid a solid foundation for this year's Wuhan Nutrition & Safety Day. To further explore animal nutrition and safety issues and improve consumer's knowledge on husbandry industry, feed and veterinary, China Animal Agriculture Association will hold the Second Animal Nutrition & Safety Day on May 18-20, 2013 at Hall B3, Wuhan International Expo Center . All friends engaged in the industry are welcomed to join us, discuss over issues concerning healthy husbandry breeding and food safety, and try to find measures to tackle them.


Time: May 18, 2013 - Monday Morning, May 20, 2013

Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center



Opening Ceremony

Speeches delivered consecutively by CAAA leaders, Organizer and Sponsors


Game rule: participants are required to answer 3-5 questions on the company publicity videos showed on the scene. Presents will be sent to the right answerer

Aim: Strengthen interaction between audiences and companies by attracting audiences to join the activity; Increase company exposure

Believe, then bid

Game rule: Company logos with questions beneath are on the logo board. Audiences chose any of the logos and answer the corresponding questions

Aim ?? Get to know the companies (address, products, etc.)

Husbandry Q&A

Game rule: Five people make a group to answer questions on husbandry law. Presents will be sent to the right answerer

Aim: Popularize knowledge on husbandry and animal nutrition; Guide people to pay attention to animal nutrition and safety

Companies Q&A

Game rule: This activity is especially for the sponsoring companies. Related company and industry quizzes will be asked

Aim: Strengthen interaction between sponsoring companies and participants

Recommendation activity ??Healthy husbandry, nutrition first ?C China secured animal health products supplier??

Companies send the Recommendation letter or Self Recommendation letter to the Organizing Committee, who will then examine, verify, choose the most representative companies and make the announcement public

Aim: Free and open to the whole industry, the activity aims to promote ??Invisible champion?? companies and increase company exposure

Wheel of answers

Game rule: Questions are divided into four rounds: easy, medium, hard and very hard. Presents will be awarded for passing every round. The contester may choose to continue or withdraw. If choosing to continue to the next round, contester shall put all the presents in pledge. If the contester's answers are all correct, he can take awards of the next round. If not, he will return empty-handed. However, if the contester meets his waterloo at the last round, he can still take the presents of the third round

Aim: Popularize industry and animal health knowledge; Adopt a scientific perspective to the animal health

Cultural activities

Intro: Singing, dancing and music performance

Aim: Attract audiences; Activate atmosphere



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