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From May 18 to 20, 2013, China Animal Agriculture Association will hold the eleventh China Animal Husbandry Expo in Wuhan International Expo Center . To show historical development of the husbandry industry, promote husbandry culture, boost husbandry industry, society and economy in a comprehensive way, raise husbandry value, Saier undertook the organization of the ??2013 China Husbandry Day and Husbandry Photography Contest??, which opened a new way of running activities. This activity will be held in Hall A.

By taking the form of photo show, Husbandry Day visualize the changing industry development, which gives full prominence to the main theme of the husbandry industry ?C Green, Science & Technology, Charm. The photo show added to the quality and artistic sense of the husbandry expo, which coincides with the ??culture connotation?? of the expo. Husbandry people are welcomed to send their own shots to take part in the contest.

Invitation of works

March 15 - April 15: soliciting works on the internet


April 15 ?C 18: experts and the organizer select the entrants


April 18: announce the list of candidates


April 18 ?C May 25 experts, netizens and CAHE participants vote for their favorite works


July 30 ?C publish the book of works


August, 2013 ?C announce and award the winners during the National Pig Industry Summit Forum


Judges consist of 3 groups, namely, netizens, CAHE participants and experts. 60 percentage weight is given to experts scores, 30 percentage weight to netizens scores, 10 percentage weight to CAHE participants scores.

•  Netizens: forward to http://518.xumuq.com to vote your favorite works

•  Experts: Famous photo editors and experts from photography associations make up the experts committee. The experts will score according to the content (20%), skill (20%), creation (20%), color (20%), and formation (20%).

•  CAHE participants: Audiences to the CAHE can fill in the Vote Card and vote for the works in his or her mind.


•  1 st Runner Up (one): SLR Camera at the price of 5,000RMB + 10 photo books

•  2 nd Runner Up (three): DC at the price of 2,000RMB + 5 photo books

•  3 rd Runner Up (six): Presents at the price of 500RMB + 3 photo books

•  Memorial awards (ten): Presents at the price of 200RMB + 2 photo books

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