Food Additive Day


In recent years, the frequent occurrence of food security issue, along with the publicity by some unprofessional media, food additive and feed additive are biased by the mass, who consider additives are bad without exception. For some, Hearing of additives is also a nightmare. Sun Baoguo, academicians at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that additives had been made the scapegoat for many food security issues.

Feed security lays the key link of the food security issue, without the former, to say nothing of the latter. What are the problems that threat feed security? Professor Feng Dingyuan pointed out ten threats, namely, antibiotic residues and drug resistance, Clenbuterol and other ?? agonist, hormone and other growth factors, BSE, Dioxins, Vitamin deficiency, Toxic metal, Organic Arsenical Drug, and GM feed. Of the ten threats, some are sourced from raw feed material; some are caused by personal factors such as adding illegal drugs.

The definition of feed additive must be clarified. Feed additive is a vitamin in minor or trace quantities added to feed during its production and processing stage. The amount of vitamin is few but its effect is remarkable. Feed additive is a necessary raw material in the modern feed industry, which have a remarkable effect on improving animal productivity, staying fit, saving feed cost and improving products quality. From the definition, we can see there is no harm in feed additive, so the need to promote positive images of feed additives is self apparent.

It is our hope to maintain right propaganda, guide people to know what is true of feed additive, and guide the feed factory and the livestock farms to use feed additives correctly, in order to fend off the disadvantages while going after profits, promote the development of husbandry industry and benefit the wide consumer.

China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the First China Feed Additives Day in Hall B4 (Pig Pavillion) from May 18-20, 2013 during the China Animal Husbandry Expo. Feed additives stakeholders are welcomed to take part in the activity to share experience and exchange ideas.


Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association

China Feed Additive Magazine Office

Title Sponsor: Soliciting ??

Sponsor: Soliciting ??

Time: May 18-20, 2013

Venue: Right side of Hall B4, Wuhan International Expo Center

Contact Persons: Zheng Hui Wang Yuchao Su Guirong Liu Qing

Tel: 86-531-82663150 86-531-82663180

Fax: 86-531-82663150



Registration with gifts

Registering online or on the spot, one may get a piece of gift.

Launching Ceremony

CAAA leader, activity organizer and sponsoring company representatives will deliver speeches respectively.

Fashion Show

Models will put on specially tailored suits with the products of the sponsoring companies.

Answer Race

Company ads on healthy breeding concept, representative company products, industry hot spots, and common knowledge on feed, feed additive, breeding will be broadcasted. There will be 100 quizzes in total. The participants are raced to answer the questions. Winners can bring home big awards.

Lottery every hour on the hour

Plenty of winning chances wait for the participants every hour on the hour.

Turn paper board in a limited time

The front and back side of the boards are printed with the logo and products of the sponsoring companies. Participants are required to turn the board from the front to the back or the back to the front within the time allowed.

Twelve Chinese Horoscope Animals

Participants who succeed in collecting the 12 Chinese horoscope animal cards from the cooperative booths can exchange the 12 cards for 50 Yuan.


Modern dance, Sichuan Face-changing Opera, Er ren zhuan (a genre of local folk dance and song from Northeast China ), Magic, violin, etc will be performed.

Dream Cube

There will be various quizzes and games to challenge the limits of the participants' eyes and hands.

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