Alfalfa Feast, Not To Be Missed


I. Profile:

In 2012, Ministry of Agriculture and Finance began to implement the ??Rejuvenation Campaign of Dairy and Alfalfa Industry Development?? . According to the campaign, the government will earmark 2.1 billion yuan to set up a high-quality alfalfa demo of 2 million mu within four years. These efforts may help to gradually establish and improve alfalfa forage industry system in China , lay the foundation for sustained high-quality forage supply and improving dairy quality, as well as inject vigor and vitality to China Forage enterprises. To fully understand the effect of the alfalfa policy implemented in different regions and the present industry situation, explore the developing pattern of alfalfa industry in new situation, further promote the industrialization of alfalfa industry, raise dairy quality in an all-round way, China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold ?? The Fifth China Alfalfa Development Conference ?? in Ar-Horqin-Banner from August 23-26, 2013.

Time: Aug.23rd-26th, 2013

Venue: Ar-Horqin-Banner Exhibition Center , Chifeng City , Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Theme: High-quality, High-efficient, Healthy, Sustainable


II. Topics:

A. Hold Industry Discussion and Communication: Centering on the scientific and creative idea, operation and guarantee mechanism of developing Chinese alfalfa industry in the new situation, the conference will present to the participants presentations, academic exchanges and related forums, in order to integrate the advantages and human resources from the grassland management sectors, scientific research institutions and enterprises and give a boost to the healthy development of Chinese alfalfa industry.

a. Alfalfa Industry and Industry Policy;

b. Quality Standard for Alfalfa Products and its Monitoring;

c. New Technology and Experience in Producing High-quality Alfalfa Products;

d. Utilization of Alfalfa and Production of Safe and High-quality Husbandry Products;

e. Alfalfa Market and its Administration;

f. The Status Quo of International Alfalfa Industry Development and Their Experience;

B. Select and Award Fine Alfalfa Products: In order to guide enterprises to strengthen alfalfa quality management, 2013 first-class, second-class and third-class alfalfa winners will be selected from the alfalfa products across the country and be awarded on the spot.

C. Memorial Exhibition Remembering Hong Fuzeng: By holding the memorial exhibition, we want to pay tribute to Mr. Hong Fuzeng for his great contribution to grassland industry in China .
D. Unveiling Ceremony of the First Grassland School : Inner Mongolia Grassland School , promoted by China Grassland Association, is the first grassland secondary vocational school. The Unveiling Ceremony will be solemnly held during the conference.

E. Quality Alfalfa Producing and Processing Inspection: Participants will be organized to inspect the quality alfalfa demo in Ar-Horqin-Banner.

F. Hold Alfalfa Products and Equipment Show: Famous domestic and foreign grassland companies will be invited to present their quality grass samples, equipments and other grass managing means.

III. Who should attend?

Domestic and foreign Enterprises and Cooperatives engaged in the production, processing and marketing of grass products, grass seed, grass equipment and other means of agricultural production; researchers and teachers engaged in grassland related industry; agriculture and husbandry related administrators of various levels; domestic and foreign companies engaged in dairy cattle farming and other forage-fed livestock; investment and financing institutions dedicated to promote grassland industry development and other stakeholders.

IV. Paper Soliciting

All the paper invited must be accurate, reliable, concise, and easy to understand, pertaining to the theme of the conference. Abstract of 500 words are required for the paper (5000 words max). Contributors shall send the paper to the following E-mail address: grass@caaa.cn under the subject ??The Fifth China Alfalfa Development Conference Paper Soliciting??. Paper qualified will be published and the author can get a free copy of the "Collected Paper of the Fifth China Alfalfa Development Conference".

V. Transportation:

??•  By flight: Participants can take flight from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian, Xi'an, Chengdu, Kunming, Hohhot to Chifeng Yulong Airport or Tongliao Airport.

??•  By rail: Participants can take train from Beijing , Shenyang , Changchun , Harbin , Dalian , Hohhot to Chifeng Railway Station, Tongliao Railway Station or ChaBuGa Railway Station.

??•  By car: Participants may as well google the route before making self-drive tour.

The organizing committee supplies around-the-clock pickup service to participants arriving at Chifeng Yulong Airport , Tongliao Airport , Chifeng Railway Station, Tongliao Railway Station and ChaBuGa Railway Station on August 23, 2013.

VI. Agenda:




August 23, 2013



















August 24, 2013

Saturday Morning, 8:30-12:00

Opening Ceremony and Presentation

•  Opening Ceremony

•  Unveiling Ceremony of Inner Mongolia Grassland School

•  2013 National Quality Alfalfa Products Awards Ceremony


•  Policy of ??Rejuvenation Campaign of Dairy and Alfalfa Industry Development?? and its implementation effect

•  Chinese Alfalfa industry development situation and problems

•  Status quos of Alfalfa industry development in Inner Mongolia

•  Technique requirement in developing Alfalfa industry

•  Dairy and Alfalfa industry

Saturday Afternoon, 13:30-17:30, Presentations

•  American Alfalfa quality criteria (Foreign speaker)

•  Alfalfa marketing and trade

•  Alfalfa variety selection and breeding

•  Developing experience and requirement of alfalfa enterprises in northern China

•  Developing experience and requirement of alfalfa enterprises in southern China

•  Alfalfa silage technology (Foreign speaker)

•  Status quos of forage equipment development and countermeasures

•  Grassland plant protection and alfalfa industry development

•  Policies on grassland investment and investment products

Saturday Evening 18:00

Reception Banquet, Cultural Performances by Wulanmuqi Art Troupe





Aug. 25, 2013

Sunday Morning, 8:30-12:00 Activities

•  Visit to Hong Fuzeng Memorial Exhibition

•  Quality Alfalfa products tradeshow

•  On-the-spot communication

Sunday Afternoon Forums

Forum 1: variety selection, plantation management, irrigation technologies, fertilization, pest control, production and processing, harvesting and storage

Forum 2: marketing, government policies, investment, grassland and dairy industry security, quality production of grassland and husbandry products, policy direction

Sunday Evening

Performance given by Yuan Dynasty Palace Band

Aug. 26, 2013

Monday Morning

A Visit to High-quality Forage Demo in Ar-Horqin-Banner


Monday Afternoon

A Visit to High-quality Forage Demo in Ar-Horqin-Banner

Monday Evening

Bonfire Party

August 27, 2013

Closing of the Conference, Grassland excursion or Back


VII. Application Procedure

To register as a participant, please fax or e-mail the appendixed ??Forms of Application?? to China Grassland Association before August 10, 2013.

Application Expense: The application expense covers conference fee and accommodation fee.

•  Conference Fee:

?? Membership (1000 RMB/people) ???????? Non-membership (1300 RMB/people)

The conference fee includes the meal cost, materials fee, meeting hall rent charge. President and Vice-president of China Grassland Association can be exempted from Conference fee.

•  Accommodation Fee:

The organizing committee will provide accommodation ordering service. Participants can choose according to their own requirement.

?? Single Room: 120~280 RMB/day ?????? Standard: 120~250 RMB/day

?? Triple: 150~250 RMB/day ???????????? Suite: 200~600 RMB/day

Note: Participants had better order room through the organizing committee in advance, since we can not guarantee surplus rooms left in view of the holiday season.

VIII. Conference Ad.:

•  Booth: Booths are provided inside the conference hall at 5000 RMB/ 3 ?? 3 ?O . Equipment tradeshow will be displayed outside the conference hall at 3500 RMB/ 3 ?? 3 ?O .

•  Decoration: Arched Door can be placed outside the conference ground at 8000 RMB.

•  Publication Ad.: To ensure the quality of the publication Ad., please e-mail the materials (JPG file) to the organizing committee. All the materials must conform to the printing requirement, with resolution no less than 300 pixels. (Single Sheet: 210 ?? 285 square millimeters; Double Sheet: 420 ?? 285 square millimeters without bleeds). The charge is listed in the appendixed Sponsoring Application Form. Please pay the fees before August 10, 2013.

Besides, the organizing committee will provide personalized promotion service to the special sponsors and sponsors. Any interested companies could contact the organizing committee for more information.

IX. Remittance:

????Account Name: China Animal Agriculture Association
????Bank Name: Agriculture Bank of China Beijing Exhibition Center Branch.
????Account NO: 11042101040008373

X. Contact:

1. China Grassland Association, CAAA

????Address: 902, A Building, Times Fortune Center , No.6 Shuguang xili jia, Chaoyang ????????????????District, Beijing

????P.C.: 100028

????Tel: 86-10-58677700

????Fax: 86-10-58677809

????Contact Persons: Su Aiguo(86-13488728466) Zhang Ying(86-13641281691)

????Website: www.caaa.org.cn/en E-mail: grass@caaa.cn

2. People's Government of Ar-Horqin-Banner, Chifeng

????Address: Tianshan Town , Ar-Horqin-Banner, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia

????P.C.: 025500

????Tel: 86-476-7232903 86-476-7232906

????Contact Persons: Zhang Xiaoxu (86-18504767772) Hu Jianfeng (86-13684762566)

??????????????????????????Wang Zijian (86-13948761689) Xu Feng (86-13847686553)

????Website: www.aqcy.cn ????????E-mail: cfaqcy@163.com


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