The Eleventh Rabbit Meat Gourmet Festival


Since the foundation of China Rabbit Industry Association, Rabbit Meat Gourmet Festival has been held every year. To promote the culinary culture of eating rabbit meat, expand the domestic rabbit meat consumption market, improve the eating structure of the masses, set up the concept of eating rabbit meat, and accelerate the development of rabbit production, processing and consumption in china, the festival will focus on popularize the characteristics of rabbit meat of various kinds, namely, high protein, easy to digest, high lysine content, low fat, low cholesterol, low calorie and healthy meat. China Rabbit Industry Association, will take this opportunity to inject new culture elements to the rabbit industry, enrich and improve its image and status and promote the sustainable development of the rabbit industry. The Eleventh Rabbit Meat Gourmet Festival will be held on June 15, 2013 in Gaoping city, Shanxi province.


Time: June 14 ?C 16, 2013 (registration on June 14)

Venue: Ao Lin Hotel, Gaoping city, Shanxi Province

Theme: Popularize Rabbit Culinary Culture, Advocate Green Healthy Life

Subject: Rabbit Products and culture display, Rex Rabbit show, Auction, Communication





June 14, 2013


Registration, Booth setting-up

June 15, 2013

Saturday Morning

Opening ceremony at 8:30, Rabbit Meat cooking, Rabbit Products and culture display, Rex Rabbit show, Auction (at the central plaza of the third pavilion)

Saturday Afternoon

Rabbit Industry Summit (Ao Lin Hotel)

Saturday Evening

Banquet, Food race, Prize-giving, Performance

June 16, 2013

9: 00 in the morning

Visit to Shanxi Gaoping Nanyang Rabbit Industry Co., Ltd.



What's on?

•  Rabbit Meat Cooking Race; rabbit meat and processing products tradeshow

•  Rabbit culture

•  Rex rabbit show, evaluation,, auction

•  Live rabbit show: rabbits for hair, Rex Rabbit, Rabbits for meat, rabbits kept as pet

•  Rabbit-related equipment: breeding equipment, feed processing equipment, slaughtering and processing equipment

•  Rabbit drugs, vaccine and feed

•  Rabbit fur and finished products

International experts, entrepreneurs, and senior breeder will be invited to make presentation to exchange with the audiences



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