The Eighth China Cattle Industry Development Conference


As an important part of Chinese animal husbandry industry, cattle industry plays a positive role in adjusting agriculture production structure, advocating circular agriculture and increasing farmers' revenue. Recent years has witnessed a rapid development and remarkable achievement in cattle industry, as well as increasing cattle products demand from the consumer. According to the statistics, in 2012, the average price of the beef in the market is about 40.78 yuan/kilo, increased by 19.45% on year-on-year basis. China imported 4.04 tons of beef in 2012, up 163.98% over the same period of 2011. However, on the other hand, the Chinese cattle industry, with a small market ratio, is low in scale, standardization and intensification. Undermined breeds of fine cattle resources, low returns in female cows and shortage of commercial cattle resources hinder the industry's development.

The 2013 No. 1 Document issued by the Central Committee of CPC outlined that one of the priorities for China's agriculture development at present is to make innovation in production and operation mode, increase the number of community-based farmer, make efforts to establish new agriculture operation system which is more intensified, specialized, organization-based and socialized, and encourage and support optimum-scale farm management of various kinds. At present, China Cattle industry is in a key period of industry transformation and upgrade. Professional investors, family farms and rural cooperatives and other new production and operation mode come in vogue, while many of the local regions are still seeking optimum-scale cattle breeding mode with their own characteristics. However, against the backdrop of market economy, the production efficiency of cattle industry is far from satisfactory and the comparative economy efficiency is still low. How to improve the production level of cattle industry on the basis of the fine breed resources? How to optimize management mode and improve cattle breeding income? All the problems have become the hot-spots of the society and the main subjects this conference tries to discuss and address.

To accelerate modern cattle industry development in China, improve breed resources utilization e fficiency, optimize cattle industry mix, foster cooperation among the different section of the industry chain, exchange and popularize advanced experience of successful companies, improve communication and cooperation among companies , increase awareness of self-discipline among companies, create company or products brand, expand domestic and foreign market, build the bridge linking the government and the companies, further improve the comprehensive industry performance and competitiveness in the market, and to promote the sustainable development of china cattle industry in an all round way, China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the Eighth China Cattle Industry Development Conference in Hutubi County in the  Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region  from August 8 to 9, 2013. Entrepreneurs, experts, administrators from cattle industry (including beef cattle, dairy cattle, buffalo and yak) and other industry (including the breeding, slaughtering, processing, trade, catering, investment, veterinary drug, feed, forage, equipment and etc.) are mostly welcome to join the conference.

As one of the five main husbandry production areas in China , Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region boasts favorable natural resources in developing modern husbandry industry. It is also one of the national key bases of cattle production. With great concern and support from the government, active initiation from leading companies and participation from wide farmers, Hutubi cattle industry develops quickly with large scale on the basis of fine breed and industrialization. To increase economic returns, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture carries out a series of agriculture preferential policies and establishes the ??cooperative mode by linking the grassland and husbandry farmers??, which greatly mobilizes the local farmers' initiative. Their experience is of great significance in guiding the healthy development of cattle industry. This conference, with Hutubi as its meeting place, will take this opportunity to present to the participants the typical Hutubi mode in its beef cattle development. Participants may visit, exchange ideas, explore hot spots, get new industry development thoughts, and voice industry development opinions through the conference. Workers from cattle industry and other related professions are mostly welcomed to join us. Let us take hands together and forge ahead to create a brilliant future for the cattle industry.


Cattle Industry Development Forum

Cattle Race

Hutubi Beef Cattle and Dairy Cattle Industry Exhibition

Kazakh Cuisine Culture Festival and Kazakh Orchestra

The Fourth Session of the Second Council of China Cattle Industry Association


What's on?

I. Cattle Industry Development Forum

High-level Symposium:

Influential or experienced company representatives in cattle industry from home and abroad are invited to make keynote speech on the symposium. They will talk about hot topics, difficult issues and focal points on current cattle industry (ie. Beef cattle, Diary cattle, Buffalo and Yak), such as analysis on the status quo of Chinese cattle industry and prediction of its future development, ways to improve intensive dairy cattle operation , cultivation of new cattle farming body , thoughts on developing beef cattle industry in pastoral areas , practical application of science and technology in cattle farming, measures in increasing efficiency and revenue of cattle industry, improvement of the degree of standardization and scale of cattle farming, harmonious development between cattle production and environment protection, forage and cattle farming, prediction of beef market growth, protection and exploration of local breed, improved stock, financing issues concerning the cattle companies, food security and construction of traceability system, husbandry technologies and etc.

Interactive Forum:

All the prepared topics are based on the theme of the conference. 3 to 4 guests will be invited to serve as the speaker on each topic. Serving as a coordinator, the chairman will move the participants to interact and communicate with the invited speaker.


1. Industry Development

1) Analysis on the status quo of China Beef Cattle Industry and Prediction on its future development tendency

2) Ways to improve intensive dairy cattle operation

3) Cultivation of new cattle farming body

4) Thoughts on developing beef cattle industry in pastoral areas

5) Requirement on cow improvement and production model from different beef products

6) Rationalization and commercial utilization of local breed of cow stock

7) Relation between breeds protection and business development

8) Status quo and ideas on developing local cattle breeds

9) Standard farming and production of beef cattle

10) Ways to develop cattle industry cooperative economy

11) Strategic significance of building traceability system in quality beef products

12) Ways to increase the economic benefit by controlling the environment of the cattle farm and utilizing the cattle manure and slurry (low-carbon husbandry economy)

13) Construction of prevention and treatment system of major epidemics

14) Beef and dairy cattle production area planning program

15) Ways to secure sustained supply of cattle source to the slaughtering companies

16) Thoughts on training Chinese professional people in cattle industry

17) Strategy on developing company brand

18) Registry administration of breeding cattle and information sharing

19) Status quo and trend of modern cattle breeding and genetic improvement

20) Registry of cattle breed and fine stock

21) Status quo and future of cow industry development

22) Experience on constructing honesty and credible mechanism in enterprises

23) Build Company brand

24) Cultivate bellwether companies

25) Application, popularization and publicity of science and technology in cattle farming

2. Practical technologies

1) Processing techniques in lifting beef price

2) Breeding and embryo transplant technologies

3) Practical technologies on cattle farming and management

4) Fattening technology on male calves

5) Feeding techniques in breeding cow of moderate scale and the effect

6) Fattening techniques and model in meeting the requirement of the current beef market

7) Comprehensive utilization of feed resources for beef cattle

8) Environmental protection and pollution treatment in cattle companies (i.e. treatment of waste in cattle farm, development and application of new techniques and equipment, related government policies)

9) Techniques in preparing forage and feed and controlling daily diet and nutrition

3. Market for cattle industry

1) Status quo and prediction of Chinese beef market

2) Ways to rationally connect the production standards of quality beef with market requirement

3) Status quo and prediction of Chinese yak development

4) Chinese cattle industry in international trade

5) Breeding cattle trade problems analysis

4. Cattle breeds

1) New thought on the development of cattle breeds for both dairy and beef (Simmental)

2) New thought on the development of cattle breeds for high-end market (Wagy??, Angus, etc.)

3) New thought on the development of local fine breeds (Luxi cattle, Qinchuan cattle, Nanyang cattle, Jinnan cattle, Yanbian cattle, etc.)

4) New thought on developing new breed (Charolais, Yanbian yellow cattle, Pinan cattle, BMY cattle, Chinese Simmental, etc.)

5) Protection and utilization of national local cattle breeds resources

5. Cattle industry and financing

1) Financing and expansion of cattle enterprises

2) Cattle industry and poverty-lifting

3) Combination of fund and beef cattle industry

6. Cattle products

1) Ways to produce standardized quality and secure beef in batch

2) Company and industry standard for carcass cuts

3) Marketing for various breeds of beef

4) Construction of beef quality and security traceability system

7. Cattle & beef culture

1) Chinese cattle civilization

2) Beef delicacies and mankind health

3) Trend of developing beef catering industry

4) Beef in Chinese cuisines

5) Beef in Western cuisines

6) R&D on beef dishes








II. Exhibition and visit

Hutubi Holstein and Simmental breeding cattle farm

Beef cattle cooperatives in the farming areas of Hutubi County

Xinjiang Tianshan Animal Husbandry Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.

Improved Simmental in the husbandry area

National cattle industry exhibition ( good brand, quality products, hi-tech)

III. Cattle Race

Changji Holstein and Simmental race and show

IV. Kazakh Cuisine Culture Festival and Kazakh Orchestra

Kazakh beef cuisine and performance of Kazakh traditional songs with dombra and kobyz

V. The Fourth Session of the Second Council of China Cattle Industry Association





Aug. 7

Registration (before 17 o'clock)

Aug. 8

The opening ceremony of the Eighth China Cattle Industry Development Conference; A visit to the cattle development in Hutubi

Aug. 9

High-level Symposium and Interactive Forum; Workshop on the strategic development of Hutubi beef cattle industry


Paper Invitation

Entrepreneurs, experts, administrators are mostly welcomed to send paper to the organizing committee. Interested contributors can refer to the subjects of the conference for paper content. Paper of less than 5000 characters are required to e-mail to catt@caaa.cn . Contributions will be scrutinized before publishing.


Conference Catalog

Before the conference, colorful conference catalog will be published. The content will consist of the articles written by entrepreneurs, experts and administrators on the current situation of cattle development, honors and achievement made by the conference sponsors and hosts, as well as products introduction.


Application Procedure:

To register as a participant, please fill out the following forms of confirmation, then fax to China National Cattle Industry Association. Or register online: http://niuye.caaa.com.cn/wss/exhibit/reg_01.aspx

To ensure a smooth contact, please write neatly when filling out the confirmation form.

Deadline for application and room order: July 10, 2013

Where to register:

Wuyang Inn Hotel, Hutubi County , Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region


The fee includes:

Meeting fee:

Membership: 1000RMB/Person

Non-membership: 1300RMB/Person

The cost covers board, conference materials, meeting room rental, tea break snack and etc. For those non-memberships, registering and remitting before July 10th, a preferential price is available: 1000 RMB/person. (The organizer will refer to the date on the remittance form for confirmation of payment)

An 80% refund will be granted to the participants who have remitted the money but failed to come.

For those participants who need no room order, the organizing committee will provide lunch and supper.


Enterprises to join us as sponsoring partner are welcomed:

The organizing committee provides individual-targeted advertisement service to the sponsoring enterprises, such as meeting hall decoration, websites, meeting journals and others. For sponsoring program, please fill out the following sponsoring confirmation form.


Remitting can be made through the following bank:

Account Name: China Animal Agriculture Association

Bank Name: Agriculture Bank of China Beijing Exhibition Center Branch

Account No. ?? 11042101040008373



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At the same time, the tenth China Sheep & Goat Development Conference held by CAAA and the twelfth National Animal Husbandry Economy Summit Forum held by Animal Husbandry Committee, China Society of Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Economics will be held in Manas and Fukang County on Aug. 10th and Aug. 12th respectively. Interested people could click www.caaa.cn for more information.


Registration Confirmation for the Eighth (2013) China Cattle Industry Development Conference [Download]

Sponsoring Confirmation Form for the Eighth (2013) China Cattle Industry Development Conference [Download]

Time: Aug 8-9, 2013 (Registration on Aug. 7)

Venue: Wuyang Inn Hotel, Hutubi County , Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture , Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Theme: Integrate Breed Resource, Optimize Cattle Farming Mode


Who should attend?

Administrative personnel, managerial staff, technician from cattle and related veterinary drug, biological products, feed, equipment, supplier, appliances, catering, IT industry and other related sectors;

Teachers, researchers and managing staff in husbandry schools and institutions; _________________________

Organizing Committee:

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association


Department of Animal Husbandry of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

The Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China

Animal Husbandry Committee , China Society of Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Economics

Co-organizer: Government of Hutubi County


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