The Tenth China Sheep & Goat Development Conference


To fully promote the development of sheep and goat industry, make an in-depth exploration of the hot spots, difficult points and focal issues in the development of the sheep and goat industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrade of the industry, improve the overall productivity of the industry, effectively ease the conflict between the demand and requirement, facilitate the gearing and cooperation among the different sections of the industry chain, improve industry awareness, speed up the selection of new breeds and varieties and their propagation, popularize new models of sheep breeding, sharing modern sheep management experience and feeding techniques, further improve the productivity of industry and the competitive strength of the sheep products in the market, push the healthy and sustainable development of sheep industry, China animal agriculture association decides to hold the tenth China Sheep & Goat Development Conference in Manas County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture , Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region from Aug. 10 th ?C 11th. Enterprises, experts, administrators on sheep and goat industry and related industries (slaughtering, breeding, processing, trade, catering, investment, veterinary, biological products, feed, forage, equipment, etc) are mostly welcomed to join the conference.

The 2013 No.1 Document of the Central Committee points out that, the current work of agricultural development should focus on the innovation of operation model, improvement of rural community steadily, construction of new agriculture operation system which is intensive, professional, community- and society- based, encouragement and support of various medium-scale operation. Along with the fast development of the whole husbandry industry, Chinese sheep industry mix adjusts and improves on a steady basis, with industry advantage gradually coming into being and competitiveness remarkably improved. The scale and production of sheep and goat has increased steadily, ranking the first in the world for several consecutive years. Breeding mode, breeding thoughts, operation concept have undergone transformation and upgrade for several times in the Chinese sheep industry, which gradually become an advantageous industry in the animal husbandry arena. However, with the development of market economy and occurrence of pluralism in enterprise operation concept, sheep and goat industry faces many new challenges, such as small scale, low standardization and less-intensification, insufficient popularization of fine genetic breed, week scientific and feeding technique, as well as the hike in labor force and feed. All those factors increase the difficulty of the operation in the sheep industry and hinder its development.

How to promote sheep industry development by giving full play to the regional advantage and leading companies? How to improve productive efficiency by strengthening the construction sheep production basis and fine genetic breed reproduction system? How to increase sheep market competitiveness by fostering research and development of new products? These difficulties and problems are the main contents this conference will try to explore and address.


What's on?

1. Sheep & Goat Development High-level Forum

?? High-level Forum

Influential and experienced company representatives, administrators, official leaders, experts and entrepreneurs will be invited to make presentations on the current hot spots, focal points and the practical industry problems of Chinese sheep and goat industry (including the meat breed sheep and wool breed sheep), or share successful sheep and goat farming experience in local areas. Issues such as the current situation of meat sheep in China, Manas Meat sheep development thoughts; experience in giving full play to cooperatives mode, vigorously developing scale sheep farm, and following leading enterprises' path of sheep farming; key factors in preparing nutrient and scientific feed; new exploration of sheep farming mode in local areas; exploration, research and development of new mutton products; new forage-fed sheep technique, common diseases in sheep farm, sheep and goat farm program application and etc will be discussed during the conference.

?? Interactive Forum:

The interactive Forum is open, with experts and entrepreneurs serving as guests. There will be a chairman, who will coordinate and encourage the interaction between the guests and the participants.

2. Varieties and Breeds improvement on Manas mutton sheep

Quality breeding Suffolk sheep race and genetic-improved Suffolk will be on.

3. Inspection

The organizing committee will organize visits to related sheep and goat places to know Manas sheep and goat development situation and places of interest in the county, such as meat sheep auction and transaction market, Herdsman settlement in the Taxihe National Forest Park, Meat Sheep Farming Zone, and New Australia Breed Sheep Farm.

4. Mutton Gourmet Festival and Jade exhibition

Participants may taste various mutton dishes normally eaten by the ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and enjoy the Manas jade.





Aug. 9

Registration (Manas Fulihua Hotel)

Aug. 10

Opening Ceremony, High-level Forum

Aug. 11

High-level Forum, Inspection and Visit


Paper Invitation

The organizing committee will publish the ??2013 China Sheep and Goat Development?? theses collection. Entrepreneurs, experts and administrators are welcomed to send paper to the organizer. The content is preferable to focus on sheep and goat industry development in China and other countries, protection and utilization of sheep & goat varieties and breeds resource, reproduction and genetic selection technique, disease prevention and control. The paper is required not to surpass 5000 characters. Please e-mail the paper to sheep@caaa.cn before the deadline June 30, 2013. Paper will be scrutinized before being published.


Application Procedure

To register as a participant, please fill out the following forms of confirmation, then fax to China Sheep & Goat Industry Association. (86-10-58677809)

Participants are required to order room in advance through the organizing committee in case of capacity crowd.

Deadline for application: July 15, 2013

The fee includes:

Meeting fee: Membership: 700RMB/Person Non-membership: 1000RMB/Person

The cost covers board, conference materials, meeting room rental and bus fare for picking-up and seeing-off at the station.


How to reach the meeting place:

Picking-up service is provided by the organizing committee at on Aug 9th, 2013 at Ür??mqi Diwopu International Airport and Ür??mqi Train Station.

Seeing-off service

The organizing committee provide seeing-off service to the participants leaving from theÜr??mqi Diwopu International Airport and Ür??mqi Train Station.



1. China Sheep & Goat association

Add: 9F , A Building, Times Fortune Center , No. 6 Shuguang Xilijia, Chaoyang District, Beijing , China

P.C.: 100028

Contact Persons: Zhao Yin (86-15901236766) Yu Mansha (86-13810692798)

??????????????????????Liu Qingde (86-13601097030)

Tel: 86-10-58677700-163 ??????Fax: 86-10-58677809

E-mail: sheep@caaa.cn ????????Website: www.caaa.cn

2. Manas Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau

Add: No. 189, Zhonghua Road , Manas County

Contact Person: Liu Chunhui (86-15894780122)

Tel: 86-994-6664099



At the same time, the tenth China Cattle Industry Development Conference held by CAAA and the twelfth National Animal Husbandry Economy Summit Forum held by Animal Husbandry Committee, China Society of Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Economics will be held in Hutubi and Fukang County on Aug. 8th and Aug. 12th respectively. Interested people could click www.caaa.cn for more information.

Confirmation for the Tenth China Sheep & Goat Development Conference [Download]

Time: Aug 10-11, 2013 (registration on Aug. 9th)

Venue: Manas County Fulihua Hotel ( No. 1 Xuezixi Road , Manas County )

Theme: to develop sheep and goat industry in a scientific way, to guarantee demand by scale farming


?? Sheep & Goat development high-level forum

?? Quality breeding Suffolk sheep race

?? Varieties and Breeds improvement on Manas mutton sheep

?? Xinjiang ethnic minorities sheep cuisine and the fourth china mutton gourmet festival

?? Manas mutton sheep industry inspection


Who should attend?

?? National and international technicians, administrators and supervisors on sheep related veterinary drugs, biological products, feed, equipment, suppliers, appliances, catering and other related sectors;

?? Teachers, researchers and managing staff in husbandry schools and institutions;

?? China Sheep & Goat Industry Association Members;

?? Local husbandry associations;

?? Catering industry;

?? Testing institution of textile industry;

?? Related media;

?? Scholars from the Branch of Sheep and Goat Raising Science of Chinese Association of Animal ?? Science and Veterinary Medicine (CAAV);

?? Those who are concerned about sheep development and etc.


Organizing Committee:

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association

Host: China Sheep & Goat Industry Association

People's Government of Manas County

Co-organizer: People's Government of Xinjiang Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture

Animal Husbandry Department of Xinjiang Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Xinjiang Changji Hui Autonomous Perfecture Animal Husbandry Bureau

Supporter: The Branch of Sheep and Goat Raising Science, Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine

National Wool Breed Sheep Industry Technology System


Add:Rm306, 3rd Floor, Sunshine Mansion, No.112, Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, P.R.C.

E-mail:caaa@caaa.cn   E-Post Code:100044

Tel:010-88388699    Fax:010-88388300

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