The Fifth China Waterfowl Development Conference


To fully implement the spirits outlined in the Eighth Government Report of the CPC and No. 1 Document of the Central Committee, accelerate the industrialization process of Chinese Waterfowl, convey the latest industry policies, explore the industry development trend, enhance industry communication and cooperation, facilitate effective gearing between different sectors of the industry chain, intensify the efforts to popularize new technologies and products, broaden channels to make publicize waterfowl brands, speed up in addressing the difficult problems arising in the development course, break the bottleneck that curbs the development, promote a sustained and healthy development of China Waterfowl, create a communication and linking platform for entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and related workers, China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the Fifth China Waterfowl Development Conference in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia from Aug. 1 ?C 2, 2013.

As a traditional and specialty industry, the waterfowl industry in China boasts of varied breeds, like meet-type ducks, egg-type ducks, geese, Muscovy duck and Moulard duck. With the rapid development and improvement in scale and intensive farming, waterfowl industry enjoys comparative edge in the international arena. Since the adoption of reform and opening up 30 years ago, the annual average growth rate of slaughtered waterfowl and egg is increasing at a speed of 5%. According to the statistics from China Poultry Industry Association, in 2012, egg-type ducks in stock is 316 million, increased by 31.60% over 2011; duck eggs amounts to 5.1179 million ton; slaughtered Pekin Duck reaches to 3.68 billion, with duck meat standing at 5.9818 million ton; 400 million Muscovy duck and Moulard duck have been slaughtered, rendering 980 thousand tons of duck meat. 206 million egg-type ducks has been culled, rendering 463.5 thousand tons of duck meat. Inferred from the recent data released by FAO, in 2012, the inventory of geese in China reaches to 350 million while the population out of stock stands at 629 million, offering 1480 thousand tons of geese meat.

Over the years, with the concerted efforts made by the wide waterfowl practitioners, the industry has made remarkable achievements. However, with the development of market economy and company's own exploration of diversified operation, there are many challenges facing the industry: human infection of H7N9, shortage in raw material and labor force, hike in cost, fluctuation in price; breeds selection and protection, nutrient and feed, breeding technologies, disease control and prevention, environment protection, processing and other prominent problems; as well as improving requirement on food security and environment protection on the breeding and processing of waterfowl. How to speed up the comprehensive level of waterfowl industry in China ? How to realize information share? How to avoid industry over-capacity? How to realize a sustainable and healthy development in waterfowl industry? All the issues are reverberating around the industry waiting to be settled.

The 2013 No. 1 Document of the central government outlined that the current priorities of agriculture development should be focus on the innovation of production and operation mode, constant increase of community-based farmers, establishment of new rural operation system based on intensive-, specialty-, organization- and society- farming, encourage and support moderate and scale operation of various kinds. Although bold innovation and attempts on breeding mode, cooperative operation, breeds reproduction, technologies, information sharing, brands construction, and level of intensive farming and industrialization are made, there still exist some gaps between waterfowl and layer and white broiler industry, especially in the construction of facilities. Thus, how to achieve industrialization, scale, and moderate development in waterfowl industry lays the core of the conference.

The conference will invite related government officials, famous entrepreneurs, industry experts, scholars, and front-line technicians, to make presentations based on the Twelfth Five-year Plan, the development experience and hot issues on the current waterfowl development in China . They would explore with participants strategies on water fowl development and find out settlement through discussing policies, regulations and laws, technologies, managerial expertise and sharing past experience. Meanwhile, as a sideline of the conference, brand tradeshow, products savoring activity, visit and inspection will also be on.

Inner Mongolia Saifeiya Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., giving full play to its own advantages, make vigorous efforts in promoting ??Prairie Duck??. From breed selection, to reproduction, to feed production, to slaughtering, to processing, to transportation, and to marketing, the whole process undergoes strict monitoring and scrutiny. With great attention on the quality improvement, the company has successfully created an integrative industry chain and operation model. Taking the advantages of this meeting, the conference will promote the successful experience of Saifeiya to the world, in order to upgrade the overall standard of waterfowl industry in China.


What's on?

I. Theme Forum

Related officials from government bodies, domestic scholars, experts, entrepreneurs on waterfowl development, CAAA leaders will be invited to make presentations and exchange ideas based on the industry policies, industry development trend, current situation of disease, and advanced technologies. The presentations will cover details such as the interpretation of related state policies, current situation of industry development, construction of information and data monitoring, annual industry development report, breeding and operation technologies, updates on disease prevention and control??managerial expertise sharing.

•  Policies Interpretation and Industry Development

1. Interpretation on the waterfowl industry development in China

2. 2012 China waterfowl industry annual report

3. Chinese Corn, Soybean trade and future development from 2012 to 2013

4. Interpretation on National Medium- and Long- Term Animal Disease Prevention and Control Plan (2012-2020)

5. Ideas on the monitoring of Chinese waterfowl information and data and tentative implementation

6. Current situation of Chinese waterfowl breed protection and progress made in reproduction

•  Managerial Expertise and Experience Sharing

1. Factors leading to the new geese disease and preventative strategies

2. Sharing experience on equipment-based geese breeding

3. Key operational skills in off-season reproduction of geese

4. Progress made in the genetic selection of geese

5. Current situation and future development of Chinese geese development

6. Assessment of the nutrients of the geese feed and needed amount

7. Progress made in the deep processing technologies of geese

8. Introduction on the productivity of Z-type Lean Pekin Duck Stock

9. Rules and regulations on the breeding of American Maple Duck

10.Factors leading to the new duck disease and preventative strategies

11.Research on the nutrient in-take needed for duck

12.New progress made in the breeding technologies of duck

13.Comparison of the productivity among the different breeding mode of duck

14.Comparison of the impact of environment control on duck productivity

II. Interaction

To provide more time for the participants to exchange ideas with the experts and the entrepreneurs, the organizer planed some marginal time between each presentation. The participants may raise questions on the basis of the presentation the speaker gives, or personal problems and puzzles encountered in its own business. The invited speakers will share corporation culture, managerial expertise, development strategies, and operation mode with the participants, in order to accelerate the industrialization process of the Chinese waterfowl development.

III. Brand Tradeshow and Products Savoring

During the conference, brand display will be hosted. Participants are welcomed to exhibit their own products and organize savoring activities.

IV. Promotion of New Products

Priorities will be given to the new products, new technologies, new breeds, new techniques, new equipment, and new achievements during the Twelfth-Five Year Plan Period.

V. Visit and Inspection

Inner Mongolia Saifeiya Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., the national key leading corporation will be our destination for visit. Participants might take the visit as a good learning opportunity via inspecting their breeding duck farm, commercial duck farm, feed processing plant, food processing plants.

VI. Chifeng Prairie Excursion

There are famous prairies in Chifeng, such as Gong Ge Er Prairie, Wu Lan Bu Tong Prairie, Baarin Prairie, Hai Ha Er Ta La Prairie. Interested participants may choose to participant in the Prairie excursion for a personal experience of the local culture.



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Theme: Do Business Honestly, Develop Moderately, Share Information, Achieve Win-win



I. Theme Forum

1. Policy interpretation and industry development

2. Enterprises management and experience sharing

II. Interaction

III. Brand Tradeshow and Products Savoring

IV. Promotion of New Products





July 31, 2013


Aug. 1-2, 2013

Opening Ceremony, Theme Forum; Interaction; Brand Exhibition; Products Savoring; Visit


Who should attend?

Member of the China Animal Agriculture Association and China Poultry Industry Association; Domestic and Foreign experts, entrepreneurs, producers, technicians, administrators in waterfowl related industry (i.e. processing, feed, hatchery, equipment, veterinary drugs, vaccine, biological products, trade, etc.) teachers and researchers; media; and people who have concern for waterfowl development.


Organizing Committee:

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association


China Poultry Industry Association

National Water Fowl Industry Technology System

Special Sponsors:

Inner Mongolia Saifeiya Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.




Special Co-organizer:



Dalian Sanyi Animal Medicine Co., Ltd.

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