The Third China Rabbit Development Conference


The Third China Rabbit Development Conference would be held in Yangling district, Shaanxi Province on Sep 21-22, 2013, which would discuss the focus, difficult issues and key points during the development of rabbit industry, to fulfill the ??National Economizing-grains Animal Husbandry Development Plan (2011-2020)??, accelerate the selection of new breeds and upgrade of industry, promote scale and standardization, improve the production level and cooperation among business chains, guarantee the production supply, enrich dietary pattern, enhance self-discipline, the ability to resist risks, rabbit industry and market competitiveness for the sustainable development of rabbit development in China.

Enterprises, experts, administrators on rabbit industry and related industries (slaughtering, breeding, processing, trade, fur, catering, investment, veterinary, biological products, feed, forage, equipment, etc) are mostly welcomed to the conference.

Time: Sep 21-22, 2013 (Registration on Sep 20)

Venue: Yangling International Convention Exhibition Hotel in Shaanxi Province

Theme: specification of standards, sustainable and scientific development

??1. Rabbit Development High-level Forum

??2. Rabbit Production Exhibition

??3. The third session of the second standing council

??4. The third session of the second committee of experts (standing council members and vice-president member)

??5. Experts autograph session of ??The China Rabbit Development Report (1985-2010)??

??6. Visit to Yangling Rabbit Feeding Company and Cooperative


  • Experts Reports
  1. 2011-2012 China Rabbit Development Report
  2. How to increase feeding and breeding efficiency
  3. Domestic rabbits industrial scale development process and future prospects
  4. Advanced breeding technologies
  5. The current situation and trend of rabbit production
  6. Major diseases and treatments on angora rabbits feeding
  7. On the development of rabbit industry
  8. Shaanxi domestic rabbit industrialization progress
  • Forum:
  1. How to use the artificial insemination technology to enhance the efficiency
  2. Cooked rabbit processing status
  3. Rex Rabbit Processing and International Trade
  4. Achievement and promotion on domestic rabbit vaccine.


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