The Second US-China Hog Summit



The recent years has witnessed extensive and effective communication and cooperation between China and America in the area of pig technical extension, construction of fine pig breeding line, modern managerial expertise, research and development, disease prevention and control, pork processing, trade and other areas, which contribute greatly to the healthy development of pig industry in both countries. China and American, being the biggest pork producing countries in the world, are different in consumption and processing. Even though, the two share the same goal, i.e., safeguard food safety in pork area. To meet this goal, both sides should give full play to policy-makers, government officers, entrepreneurs and consumers, who are required to issue policies to guide the industry, monitor and inspect the industry, honor social responsibility commitment, and give public opinion respectively, to create a safety production system tracing from farm to table and guarantee the interests of the wide consumers in an earnest way. To effectively promote the communication between China and America on pig farming and pork safety, seek more types of cooperation among the governments, associations and ordinary people, face the challenges threatening pork security, the organizers decides to hold the second edition of US-China Hog Summit in Beijing, based on the success of the first forum.

Time: Sep. 27, 2013

Venue: Kerry Hotel , Beijing

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association, China Meat Association, U.S. Meat Export Federation, U.S. Grains Council, American Soybean Association

Theme: Pig Farming, Policies, Practices and Achievements of Food Safety on Pork


•  The historical evolution of policies, laws and regulations on pig farming and pork safety in China and U.S.

•  Analysis on the economic returns of food safety measures

•  Integrate the various food safety measures: the role and effect of the overseeing unit, industry association, academic arena and consumers

•  Practices made by the pig producing and processing companies on their way to safeguard food safety

Who should attend ??

Entrepreneurs, scholars, policy-makers, consultants on pig producing and processing in both China and U.S., as well as people showing concern to pig safety in both countries.


No conference fee will be charged. The organizer will provide buffet lunch and banquet to the participants. The transport fare and accommodation fare will be on the participants' own expense.

Join us:

Invitation card issued by the Organizer is needed. To get the invitation card, people who might interest in the summit, please email back the registration form to China Swine Industry Association.


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Please email the form to pig@caaa.cn or fax to 86-10-58677809 before the deadline of Sep. 15, with the email title ??U.S.-China Hog Summit??.

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