The Second (2013) China Camel Industry Conference


To effectively protect and explore the unique Chinese Bactrian camel resources and alpaca breed, and guide the camel companies to develop in depth and width; to accelerate the industrialization pace of the camel wool, camel meat, camel milk, biological drug, cosmetics, tourism and other specialized industry, based on the protection of fine camel breed; to set up cooperative platform for camel development, build bridges between the government and companies, exchange the advanced experience of successful companies, promote the communication, cooperation and development among the companies; to strengthen self-discipline among the companies by standardizing industry act; to explore focal and difficult points of camel farming, processing and marketing, in order to improve the comprehensive effectiveness and competitiveness of the industry, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the camel industry in China; China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the ??Second (2013) China Camel Industry Conference in Fuhai County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang from Oct. 19-20, 2013. The theme of the conference is ??Improve the S&T Content of the Camel Industry, Create Famous Camel Brand??. Entrepreneurs, scholars, administrators from the camel and alpaca industry are welcomed to join the conference.


Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, scholars, administrators engaged in Camel Wool, Camel Milk, Camel Breeding, Processing, Trade, Investment, Finance, Drugs, Biological Products, Feed, Forage, Tourism, Clothing and other related sectors.


Time: Oct. 19-20, 2013

Venue: Fifth Floor, People's Government of Fuhai County


1. Opening Ceremony

2. Visit to Fuhai Camel Farm Base and Camel Products Processing Companies

3. Fuhai Camel Contest

4. Fuhai Kazakh Traditional Performances

5. The Foundation of the Alpaca Industry Union under the China Camel Industry Association

6. The Second Session of the First China Camel Industry Association



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