2014 CAHE, May 18-20, Not To Be Missed!


The year 2013 marks the beginning year of carrying out the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is also a year for the animal husbandry industry to fulfill the great task of leading the industry's modernization. To accelerate the steps for the achievement of the grand target prescribed in the 12 th Five-year plan, improve the overall level of China's science and technology, promote the scale, standardization, industrialization and IT application of the industry, and make the China Dream for the animal people become true earlier, China Animal Agriculture Association decides to hold the Twelfth (2014)China Animal Husbandry Expo (2014 CAHE for short), based on the theme of Accelerating the transformation of animal husbandry industry development model, create upgraded China animal husbandry industry in Qingdao International Exhibition Center from May 18 to 20, 2014. CAHE, with 11 years of experience, boasts of professional information, tremendous trade opportunities and enriched culture dimensions. It is not only a platform for the domestic animal people to showcase and promote products, but also a window for the cooperation and exchange between domestic and foreign animal people. It is also an annual event for the millions of animal practitioners.

2014 CAHE provides 4500 booths, covering a floor space of about 100,000 ?O . Carrying on the fine experience of last 11 sessions of CAHE, this CAHE will continue to present a successful expo by holding the already well-known activities such as the Brand Animal Products Fair and Bio-Energy Forum. It will also add more radiance to the expo by enriching the dimension of the forums, conferences, and workshops in the Husbandry Week. Brand Activities such as the Fourth China Brand Animal Products Fair, the Fifth Biogas Industrialization Forum, the Fourth China White Broiler Industry Development Conference and the Third Global Broiler Forum, the Third China Advanced Animal Husbandry Enterprises and Workers Awarding Ceremony, the Fourth China Grassland Development Conference will be held together with theme activities, such as Animal Husbandry Day, Poultry Day, Pig Day, Equipment Day, Animal Health Day, Feed Day, etc. and series activities such as Thousand Professional Buyers, Press Conference and Interviews, Media and Company Salons on Seeking Cooperation, Media and Company Carnivals, etc. Besides, new activities are added, such as Golf Club, Basketball and Badminton Games, etc., to gradually meet the individual needs of the exhibitors by refining the services and fully realizing the true value of the exhibitors and audiences.

2014 CAHE will be held in Qingdao City of Shandong province. The reason for this choice is: As one of the biggest livestock producing province in China, Shandong leads in China for its livestock and poultry inventory and value for several years. Besides, Qingdao city is an important regional economic center facing the outside world at the national level, and an important port city in eastern China along the coast, as well as an important water transporting hub for international trade. It is also one of the eight exhibition city in China. The Qingdao International Exhibition Center, located at the Jimo County of Qingdao, boasts of large space, advanced exhibition facilities, five-star exhibition services and comprehensive supportive services covering catering, accommodation and transportation. All these provide a solid foundation for the successful holding of the 2014 CAHE.

Upholding the principle of Serving Begins at the Registration, the organizing committee will make efforts to provide a compassing service to the exhibitors all the way from the registration to the move-in, and even after the move-out, and try the best to repay the exhibitors. Related husbandry companies, public units, associations and individuals in and outside China are sincerely welcomed to join the event!

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