The First 2014 Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Innovation Day


Science and technology is the core to meet the challenges of the new era. They are also the driving force to enhance the quality of animal husbandry industry, and the fundamental support to transform the development model of animal husbandry. Innovation impels production, science and technology creates wealth. Science and technology are indispensable to the development of society. This is also true to the development of modern animal husbandry industry. In view of the greater efforts of the State Council to promote the stable development of animal husbandry in recent years, the aim of the Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Innovation Day is to develop new science and technology of animal husbandry, popularize new products, and then promote the sustainable development of animal husbandry industry in China. Such theme day is a necessity to China's animal husbandry, but also a necessity to the animal husbandry companies.


•  The theme is new, which closely follows the current situation of the industry, in order to promote the development of science and technology in animal husbandry industry.

•  Awarding ceremony features science and technology innovation. To guarantee the authority of the awards, the judge committee consists of domestic and foreign experts on science and technology, husbandry industry, mass media and investment.

•  Echoing the government's support for major state science and technology innovation program, the theme day will promote new techniques, new products and new achievements on animal husbandry, veterinary, equipment, service feed and others.

•  Domestic and foreign famous investment institutions will be invited to join the theme day, which helps to facilitate the in-depth cooperation among enterprises.

•  Interactive experience area is set on the spot. The companies can offer an eye-to-eye products showcase to the audience. The audiences can also experience by themselves.

•  Mainstream media will present an in-depth and all-round propaganda of the theme day from different angles.


•  Great influence

CAHE, organized by China Animal Agriculture Association, is one of the largest expositions with large scale and great influence. Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Innovation Day is the only theme day on science and technology and on animal husbandry innovation.

•  Large scale

With 4500 booths, about 1800 exhibitors, 120,000 visitors, and floor space of 100,000 ?O , CAHE ranks the fourth in terms of husbandry show of its kind.

•  Media coverage

CAHE cooperates with many professional media, especially national first-level media, such as, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency. There will be 50 industry media covering the whole process.

•  Professional support

Combining science and innovation, the theme day is chaired by two state-level associations, namely, China Animal Agriculture Association and China Hi-tech Industrialization Association.

•  Wide propaganda

The on-the-spot activities will be broadcast through the hc99.com, wechat and microblog. Text and video will be released through the above-mentioned channels.

•  Diverse activities

Various interactive and experiencing activities will be presented to attract the flow of visitors, to let the companies and clients to talk face-to-face, to make advertisement for the companies, and provide conditions to achieve the effect of word of mouth.

•  Sound venue

The theme day will be held at the juncture between the Hall 1 and Hall 2, which is a must-pass by the visitors. The venue is placed outdoors, with broad space, professional audio equipment and LED screen. Wielding the audio and video propaganda, the audience can have a direct understanding of the companies.

Organizing Committee:

Organizer: China Animal Agriculture Association

Hosts: Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Innovation Day Organizing Committee

China Hi-tech Industrialization Association



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