The Third China Animal Nutrition and Safety Day


Along with the improvement of people's living standard and enrichment of material enjoyment, the mass eye on the food security issue more than ever. The exposure of the melamine and lean meat issue upset the Chinese people. To tackle the food security issue, one must look into its sources. Feed, the foundation for the animal growth, is one of the sources whose safety needs to be considered. To develop a sustained and sustainable industry, the feed industry shall ensure the industry's security by giving priority to the safety of feed and feed additives.

As a world renowned expo, China Animal Husbandry Expo makes full use of its strength and influence to enhance the popularity and credibility of the participating companies and their brand. In cooperation with the only video website on animal husbandry - AHFTV and ESOYGO, China Animal Agriculture Association held the Third (2014) China Animal Nutrition and Safety Day during the China Anima Husbandry Expo, in order to provide a showcase and publicity opportunity for the companies.


•  Improve the expo services •  Improve the exhibitors' participating experience •  Improve the audience's participating experience •  Publicize fine companies and brands


Animal Nutrition and Safety; Health for All Mankind; Realize the Chinese Dream for the Animal Husbandry Industry


Pay attention to Animal Nutrition and Safety, Rock and Roll!


•  Hand out the exhibition brochure to promote the expo and the theme day

•  Interactive program ?C vote for my favorite companies

•  Win popularity ?C prize verification

•  Art performance ?C comfort the mind

•  Quiz on husbandry safety ?C work in a group, activate the atmosphere

•  log turning ?C a combination of wisdom and opportunity

A brochure with prize verified sticker will be received after registration. Opportunity awaits for the early bird. More logo collected, the bigger the prize.

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