The Six (2016) China Rabbit Industry Development Conference



The development of rabbit industry has entered a New Normal State, with a modern rabbit industry system progressively established and innovated. The system is boasting of rational layout, intensive scale, standardized production, industrialized business, and socialized service. Over the years, the rabbit industry has witnessed a progressive optimization of its industry structure, breed structure and product structure. Thus, to have an in-depth discussion of the future of rabbit industry, improve the reform of rabbit industry on the supply side, accelerate the brand nurture of rabbit companies, give priority to improving the overall productivity level of the industry, promote the competitiveness, speed up resources integration and promote an efficient and sustainable development of rabbit industry, CAAA will hold the Six (2016) China Rabbit Industry Development Conference in Chongqing City, from Nov. 24-25, 2016. Entrepreneurs, experts and administrators from rabbit and related industry (breeding, slaughtering, processing, trade, fur, catering, investment, drug, bio-products, forage, feed, equipment) are welcomed to join the conference.

I. Time: Nov. 24-25, 2016 (registration on Nov. 23)
II. Venue: Wyndham Chongqing Yuelai Hotel
III. Theme: Integrate industry resources; promote structural reform; foster industry upgrade
III. Content:
1. Rabbit Forum
2. Rabbit Exhibition and Rabbit Gourmet Carnival
3. The Fourth Member Council of Rabbit Association
6. Field Day (Visit to 2016 China Mid-west Animal Husbandry Expo, and Rabbit Farm and Deep Processing Bases)
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